Best YouTube Gaming Channel Names – 100+ Channel Name Ideas

Looking for a name for your gaming channel on YouTube? If so, we present you with our list of best YouTube gaming channel names with a whole bunch of various ideas.

YouTube is an ever-growing platform for content creators of all kinds. And gaming is sure one of those types.

If you’re looking to create a gaming channel and struggle to find a good name for it, we’ve got your back.

Having a memorable YouTube channel name is a must. If you want new and returning subscribers, you need a cool channel name to be among the best.

You can have a look at our best YouTube gaming channel names list to find a suitable name for your gaming channel.

Without further ado, let’s get into it.

YouTube Gaming Channel Names


YouTube is filled with let’s play channels that have similar names. That’s why tried to come up with unique names that will make your channel stand out. We hope that you find one that you really like. Do note that the channel name is quite important for a viewer. With that said, let’s dive into the best YouTube gaming channel names without further ado!

  • GameCult
  • GamerEra
  • ExtraLeisure
  • AdeptusGamers
  • LegatusGamers
  • XtraGamurs
  • GamingCavaliers
  • ExtendedCompletionist
  • GameMarines
  • EmperahGaming
  • UltraLeisure
  • GameXPlain
  • OpenFeedGaming
  • UltimateFatROLL
  • Roll20Gaming
  • WayGamer
  • CavalryIsHere
  • GameCavalry
  • The Awarded Gamer
  • WaywardGaming
  • HearthGamingComms
  • ChapterNation
  • TheGamerChapter
  • TheExcominicado
  • GamyCommuters
  • OverAchievers
  • Ultrammus
  • Gamerbrix
  • Gametopius
  • Gametlantis
  • TheGameGuild
  • FlairGaming
  • GameNarcs

The recommendations above would be better for channels with two or more owners. That’s why we mostly went with plural names. Don’t worry though, as we also have a couple more lists to provide you with the best YouTube gaming channel names.

Creative YouTube Gaming Channel Names

youtube gaming channel name ideas

For a website or a YouTube channel to stand out among others, it must have an original name that can catch the user’s attention. This is a crucial tip, especially for those who are starting a new channel on the platform.

Do not forget that the competition is very intense. Before offering unique and engaging content, you will need a creative YouTube gaming channel name first.

  • Pixel Cavalry
  • Backlog Pioneer
  • Spacers
  • Lopsiders
  • Quickslotters
  • InventoryManagement
  • Sergeant Controller
  • The Gamer Chapter
  • The Game Bureau
  • Lieuetant Gaming
  • LootIT
  • STRBuild
  • Crit Damage
  • Aggro Team
  • LetsLoot
  • WaywardGaming
  • HearthGamingComms
  • From Los Santos
  • Local Game Guild
  • Gamestigators
  • Wrathy
  • Bananotz
  • Wall of Myst
  • Major Platform

Creativity and consistency are crucial for a successful let’s play YouTube channel.

Unique YouTube Gaming Channel Names


The key to success is achieved through preserving originality. That’s why you need unique and cool YouTube channel names. Have a look at them.

  • The Trivials
  • Gamer Trials
  • Age of Game
  • Gamah
  • Game Trooper
  • Retrolution
  • Johnson McGame
  • SeriousDew
  • DewGamer
  • TechnoGO
  • GameOGo
  • Wisdom Gaming
  • ComGaming
  • WolvenGaming
  • Backlog Academy
  • Level Uppers
  • GameGameDen
  • Top of the Gaming
  • GamingLute
  • Fore Gamers
  • ForeFathers Gaming
  • Gamepad Trooper
  • Lucarian
  • Lumen Gamez
  • Pixel Army

With these ones, we tried to come up with unique names. Of course, our aim is to catch the attention of the viewer. That’s why we’re trying to come up with the best YouTube gaming channel names for you!

YouTube PUBG Gaming Channel Names

If you love the battle royale genre, you will need the most suitable name for that audience. That’s why theΒ YouTube gaming channel names below are the perfect fit for your gaming channel with PUBG videos.

  • Ultra PUBG
  • PBG Army
  • The PUBG Troop
  • The Legend of PUBG
  • The Battle Royaler
  • Battle Royale Solid
  • Ultra Royale
  • PUBG Scoper
  • Vid PUBG
  • PUBG Tube
  • ThePUBGHub
  • PUBGrounds
  • Babigy
  • Fortinayti Babici
  • Royale Hub
  • PUBG Tub
  • Irish PUB G
  • ChickaDinner
  • SquadBros

These are our cool YouTube PUBG channel names for battle royale lovers. We hope our recommendations prove useful for you.

Best Minecraft YouTube Channel Names

There is no doubt that Minecraft is one of the best games in the world of gaming. This amazing game of blocks invites players to unforgettable journeys. And if you are going to record some of them for YouTube, these are the best Minecraft channel names for you.

  • McGamer Crafton
  • Yourscraft
  • MineCraHDft
  • Craftorolund
  • Craft Business
  • Craftinium
  • Wooden Axe
  • The Wood Block
  • The Miner Biz
  • Minecraft Library
  • Blockyblox
  • Adventuraft
  • CraftBiz
  • Craftonia
  • CraftyCraft
  • XKepler
  • HRoland
  • The RedStoner
  • Auto Door
  • BlockPlacer
  • BreakingAxe
  • TheEnderGamer
  • A Blocky Morning
  • MinecraftNEXT
  • CraftGO
  • Minuria

These are some of our Minecraft-themed channel names on YT.

Is YouTube Channel name important?

Yes is the short answer to this question. The name of your channel holds great importance. It is the first thing a new viewer will see on the platform. First, it must be original so that the user clicks on it. It should also give a quick thought about your channel’s concept.

These are some of the best YouTube gaming channel names that will help you gain new viewers. You can also infuse a brand new channel name inspired by the ones above. From Minecraft to PUBG we hope you have a great journey on YouTube.

We will be updating our YouTube gaming channel name ideas lists on a regular basis. So stay tuned and always visit us for brand new and original names. You can also check out our list of game names if you’re a gamer looking for a new nickname!

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