Best Nicknames for Girls – 130+ Girl Nicknames 2023

Here are the best nicknames for girls. Inspired by literature, mythology, and video games, our massive list of the best girl nicknames is here for you.

Usernames or nicknames are quite important if you are in the world of online gaming.

It is especially important for people that the nickname bears a resemblance to something about them.

Some people try to reference their hobbies whereas others use a different version of their name.

There are also people who look for the best nicknames for girls.

And that’s where we come in with the best girl nicknames in 2022. You can find various and unique nicknames for girls below on our list.

Best Nicknames for Girls – Gaming Names

In nick suggestions, girl nicknames are often overlooked. Girl gamers cannot find nicknames they’re looking for. That’s why we compiled and categorized this list of girl nicknames for gaming. The list includes different categories for your ease!

Based on the category, you can find a nickname tailored for your liking. So check them all out below!


Cool Girl Nicknames

Looking for some kickass cool-looking nickname? Here’s the list of best nicknames for girls for you!

  • Taethyra
  • Elstara
  • Libeanne
  • Mehnnya
  • Assyura
  • Orenia
  • Larunia
  • Felarina
  • Sirena
  • Criseia
  • Elrania
  • Asira
  • Bellera
  • Fenalia
  • Lorelain
  • Amolania
  • Deraris
  • Oliroya
  • Faye
  • Celeste
  • Meria
  • Hanniah
  • Mia
  • Quinn
  • Nova
  • Sonia
  • RoseG
  • Kimilia
  • Orerna
  • Ohenia
  • Belenira
  • Irlibean
  • Alorissa
  • Katelia
  • Amolia
  • Julina
  • Cestedes
  • Oreria
  • Falyhta
  • Phallia
  • Krallia
  • Zelania
  • Laruthia
  • Korelitha
  • Thebea
  • Ithacia
  • Chriloa
  • Sabrania
  • Chrislona
  • Dylina
  • Mearlah
  • Sebralin
  • Cebraliron
  • Chrisoris
  • Dylona
  • Rinnesha
  • Letahlia
  • Dorebella
  • Fenaoda
  • Helina
  • Christa
  • Syluria
  • Lenthea
  • Hannelia
  • Polmenia
  • Dissolia
  • Morenia


Latin Girl Nicknames for Gaming

Although a dead language, Latin still looks kickass, doesn’t it? That’s why we created those Latin nicknames for you! Let us know if you want more of those.

  • ExitaleFemina
  • Reginae
  • PuellaGladiis
  • ImmortalisMulier
  • RubrumFlores
  • BonisFemina
  • DucensMulier
  • CaedesAdductio
  • Mediocris
  • AngelusPulchra
  • FortisPuella
  • RubrumMortem


Girl Character Names

There are many fan-favorite woman characters in various games. Girl gamers love to use those characters’ names as their nicknames. Thus, here are some girl character names for gaming.

  • KatnissEverdeen
  • Arwen
  • Galadriel
  • BeatrixKiddo
  • PollyGray
  • LilyAldrin
  • BlackWidow
  • Gamora
  • JillValentine
  • JodieHolmes
  • ChloePrice
  • KendlJohnson
  • DebraMorgan
  • MariaLaGuerta
  • Mathilda
  • HermonieGranger
  • LeilaOrgana
  • MariaHill
  • LadyBrienne
  • Khaleesi
  • AryaStark
  • KimikoMiyashiro
  • Stormfront
  • VanessaIves
  • WonderWoman
  • PoisonIvy
  • LaraCroft
  • LadyDimitrescu
  • SonyaBlade
  • AlyxVance


English Girl Nicknames for Gaming

We see, you just like to go vanilla. Well, who can say no to a classic nickname after all? Here’s your list!

  • KillerBeauty
  • Father’sQueen
  • RoseThorn
  • Bookworm
  • GirlyThings
  • MonsterGirl
  • BattleLover
  • GoGirlGo
  • GirlPower
  • YourDreamGirl
  • WomanPatriot
  • PinkDeath
  • RedKiss
  • BeautyButcher
  • ChanceBringer
  • RedSoldier
  • DarkAngel
  • Moonlight
  • DangerGirl
  • NewBlack


Feminine Mythology / God Names – Nicknames for Girls

Mythology and/or fantasy often make a good inspiration to find a nickname. Nicknames for girls are not an exception to that.

First of all, those names look cool. Secondly, there are many people who like it. So, here you are!

  • Angrboda
  • Freya
  • Nephthys
  • Umayanna
  • Ayizit
  • Asena
  • Demeter
  • Persephone
  • Artemis
  • Aphrodite
  • Jarnsaxa
  • Amunet
  • Astarte
  • Anuket
  • Bastet


Our list of best nicknames for girls has five categories, however, you can also check out our other articles. Best Fortnite names, game names, character names are just some of them. Besides, those articles contain nicknames for girls as well. Based on your needs, you can check out the suitable list to find yourself a nickname to use.

That was all for this article. If this is not enough and you want more categories or nicknames, just let us know in the comments section. We would love to add more nicknames for girls to our list.

We hope you could find a girl nickname that you like on our list. Let us know your thoughts on the comments section. Have fun!

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