+250 Best Korean Nicknames (한국어) with Meanings!

This is a list of over 200 Korean nicknames and names that are perfect for use in gaming.

Each name is given in its original Korean form, as well as its Latin transliteration and meaning.

This list is a great resource for anyone interested in Korean culture and language, or just looking for a unique and interesting name for their gaming avatar.

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Now, let’s take a look at some of the best Korean names and nicknames for gaming!

Japanese Nicknames


Korean Nicknames for Games

We have some nicknames that are more suitable for the gaming culture.

The list below has some Korean nicknames that are edgier, just like gamers.

If you’re interested in how the names look, don’t worry. We’ve got some Korean forms, too!

  • Seupaikeu (슈파이크): Spike
  • Geulimja (글림자): Shadow
  • Bam (밤): Night
  • Galgamagwi (갈가마귀): Raven
  • Ssaiko (싸이코): Psycho
  • Pogpung (폭풍): Storm
  • Gisa (기사): Knight
  • Cheol (철): Iron
  • Uloe (울어): Thunder
  • Yong (용): Dragon
  • Taitan (타이탄): Titan
  • Neugdae (늑대): Wolf
  • Maebeolig (매벌릭): Maverick
  • Geulimja (글림자): Shadow
  • Dogsa Gat-eun Salam (독사 같은 살아망): Viper
  • Eiseu (에이스): Ace
  • Gwisin (귀신): Ghost
  • Jiogbul (저그불): Hellfire
  • Jokeo (조커): Joker
  • Sanyangkkun (산양꾼): Hunter
  • Yamanjeog-in (야만적인): Savage
  • Keun Palan (큰 팔안): Havoc
  • Jang-gun (장군): Warlord
  • Nemesis (네메시스): Nemesis
  • Dog-aeg (독액): Venom
  • Posigja (포식자): Predator
  • Unmyeong (운명): Doom
  • Mugsi (무그시): Apocalypse
  • Jaegyueo (재규어): Jaguar
  • Geulimja Goyang-i (글림자 고양이): Shadowcat
  • Koyote (코요테): Coyote
  • Yosul Jang-i (요술 장이): Warlock
  • Syaedoumaen (섀도맨): Shadowman
  • Neugdae Ingan (늑대 인간): Wolfman
  • Hwaryeon (화려): Glamorous
  • Gilsang (길상): Road Pine
  • Dure (두레): Distance
  • Janggun (장군): General
  • Seolmyeong (설명): Explanation
  • Haengbok (행복): Happiness
  • Gok (곡): Song
  • Seon (선): Line
  • Dong (동): East
  • Han (한): Korean
  • Seok (석): Stone
  • Gyeong (경): Respect
  • Jin (진): Truth
  • Seo (서): West
  • Dakeuseuta (다케스타): Shadowfist
  • Geulimja Goyang-i (글림자 고양이): Shadowcat
  • Goleugon (골레용): Midnight
  • Jajeong (자정): Shadowfist
  • Syaedoupiseuteu (섀도피스트): Shadowstriker
  • Sangjeog (상적): Dread
  • Cheon (천): Heaven
  • Gureum (구름): Cloud
  • Gyeong (경): Respect
  • Pyeong (평): Peace
  • Nam (남): South
  • Bok (복): Fortune
  • Seong (성): Castle
  • Gwan (관): Observatory
  • Geun (근): Near
  • Seok (석): Stone
  • Jeong (정): Serenity
  • Gwang (광): Light
  • Bong (봉): Summit
  • Hyeon (현): Present
  • Yeon (연): Relations
  • Sun (순): Pure
  • Jeon (전): War
  • Eun (은): Silver
  • Mun (문): Door
  • Geomseok (검석): Swordstone
  • Dusideung (두시등): Midnight Lamp
  • Gogae (고개): Heights
  • Saebyeok (새벽): Dawn
  • Jiog (저그): Inferno
  • Naiteumeeo (나이트메어): Knightmare
  • Agma (악마): Demon
  • Jibjin Jangchi (집진 장치): Cyclone
  • Jeogyeogbyeong (저격병): Sniper
  • Seibeotuseu (세이버투스): Sabretooth
  • Mangmyeong (망명): Exile
  • Bullyanghan Salam (불양한 살아망): Hellion
  • Onigseu (오닉스): Onyx
  • Jug-eum-ui Sowon (죽음의 소원): Deathwish
  • Laebteo (레이브트): Raptor
  • Gom (곰): Bear
  • Mumohan (무모한): Reckless
  • Lodeukil (로드킬): Roadkill
  • Heon (헌): Gracious


Various Cool Korean Nicknames

If the list above is not enough, here are some random Korean nicknames for you.

They don’t necessarily mean anything, but you could find it cool how they look.

  • Kkot (꽃): Flower
  • Hyanggi (향기): Hope
  • Moo (무): Color
  • Eunsil jeonhae (은실 전해): Reason and blessing
  • Dan (단): Sole
  • Cheonil (천일): Thousand miles
  • Eunmi geumbi (은미 금비): Gracious beauty child
  • Hwaryeon (활연): Wide
  • Geom (검): Mist
  • Myeong (명): Excellence
  • Yoojeong (유정): Faraway moon
  • Joon (준): Obedient
  • Seungho (승호): Winner
  • Eunsil (은실): Beautiful reason
  • Seok (석): Stone
  • Seung (승): Win
  • Dae (대): Great
  • Seok (석): Stone
  • Chul (철): Iron
  • Jin (진): Truth
  • Seung (승): Win
  • Dae (대): Great
  • Seok (석): Stone
  • Chul (철): Iron
  • Hee (희): Happy
  • Hyeon (현): Present
  • Seon (선): Goodness
  • Joon (준): Obeying
  • Jeong (정): Correct
  • Geon (건): Building
  • Myeong (명): Bright
  • Seon (선): Goodness
  • Seung (승): Win
  • Chul (철): Iron
  • Hee (희): Happy
  • Joon (준): Obedient
  • Seungho (승호): Winner
  • Jin (진): Truth
  • Geon (건): Building
  • Eunhae (은해): Beauty
  • Eunrin (은린): Beautiful jasmine
  • Dae (대): Great
  • Seok (석): Stone
  • Bum (범): Panther
  • Dong (동): East
  • Jin (진): Truth
  • Hyeon (현): Present
  • Seok (석): Stone
  • Joon (준): Obeying


Cute Korean Nicknames for Lovers (Boyfriend / Girlfriend)

Here are some cool and cute Korean nicknames that you can use anywhere.

As they are matched based on their feminine and masculine version, you can use the nicknames below as a couple!

  • Jin (진): Godly
  • Yoon (윤): Allow
  • Joon (준): Handsome
  • Hyun (현): Wise
  • Min (민): Quick
  • Ho (호): Good
  • Sung (성): Victorious
  • Bae (배): Inspiration
  • Hae (해): Sea
  • Yoo (유): Elegant
  • Sun (선): Goodness
  • Woo (우): Rain
  • Hee (희): Joy
  • Ha (하): Summer
  • Soo (수): Gentle
  • Eun (은): Silver
  • Dan (단): Sweet
  • Hwan (환): Wealth
  • Soon (순): Good fortune
  • Jin-ah (진아): Precious
  • Yoon-ah (윤아): Beautiful
  • Joon-ie (준이): Handsome man
  • Hyun-ie (현이): Intelligent man
  • Min-ie (민이): Quick man
  • Ho-ie (호이): Good man
  • Sung-ie (성이): Victorious man
  • Bae-ie (배이): Inspiring man
  • Hae-ie (해이): Sea man
  • Yoo-ie (유이): Elegant man
  • Sun-ie (선이): Good man
  • Woo-ie (우이): Rain man
  • Hee-ie (희이): Joyful man
  • Ha-ie (하이): Summer man
  • Soo-ie (수이): Gentle man
  • Eun-ie (은이): Silver man
  • Dan-ie (단이): Sweet man
  • Hwan-ie (환이): Wealthy man
  • Soon-ie (순이): Lucky man
  • Jin-ie (진이): Godly man
  • Yoon-ie (윤이): Allowing man
  • Joon-a (준아): Handsome woman
  • Hyun-a (현아): Intelligent woman
  • Min-a (민아): Quick woman
  • Ho-a (호아): Good woman
  • Sung-a (성아): Victorious woman
  • Bae-a (배아): Inspiring woman
  • Hae-a (해아): Sea woman
  • Yoo-a (유아): Elegant woman
  • Sun-a (선아): Good woman
  • Woo-a (우아): Rain woman
  • Hee-a (희아): Joyful woman
  • Ha-a (하아): Summer woman
  • Soo-a (수) Gentle woman
  • Eun-a (은아): Silver woman
  • Dan-a (단아): Sweet woman
  • Hwan-a (환아): Wealthy woman
  • Soon-a (순아): Lucky woman
  • Jin-a (진아): Godly woman
  • Yoon-a (윤아): Allowing woman
  • Joon-sik (준식): Handsome boy
  • Hyun-sik (현식): Intelligent boy
  • Min-sik (민식): Quick boy
  • Ho-sik (호식): Good boy
  • Sung-sik (성식): Victorious boy
  • Bae-sik (배식): Inspiring boy
  • Hae-sik (해식): Sea boy
  • Yoo-sik (유식): Elegant boy
  • Sun-sik (선식): Good boy
  • Woo-sik (우식): Rain boy
  • Hee-sik (희식): Joyful boy
  • Ha-sik (하식): Summer boy
  • Soo-sik (수식): Gentle boy
  • Eun-sik (은식): Silver boy
  • Dan-sik (단식): Sweet boy
  • Hwan-sik (환식): Wealthy boy
  • Soon-sik (순식): Lucky boy
  • Jin-sik (진식): Godly boy
  • Yoon-sik (윤식): Allowing boy
  • Joon-sook (준숙): Handsome girl
  • Hyun-sook (현숙): Intelligent girl
  • Min-sook (민숙): Quick girl
  • Ho-sook (호숙): Good girl
  • Sung-sook (성숙): Victorious girl
  • Bae-sook (배숙): Inspiring girl
  • Hae-sook (해숙): Sea girl
  • Yoo-sook (유숙): Elegant girl
  • Sun-sook (선숙): Good girl
  • Woo-sook (우숙): Rain girl
  • Hee-sook (희숙): Joyful girl
  • Ha-sook (하숙): Summer girl
  • Soo-sook (수숙): Gentle girl
  • Eun-sook (은숙): Silver girl
  • Dan-sook (단숙): Sweet girl
  • Hwan-sook (환숙): Wealthy girl
  • Soon-sook (순숙): Lucky girl
  • Jin-sook (진숙): Godly girl
  • Yoon-sook (윤숙): Allowing girl
  • Joon-hwa (준화): Handsome flower
  • Hyun-hwa (현화): Intelligent flower
  • Min-hwa (민화): Quick flower


How to Create Korean Nicknames?

If you could not find the Korean nickname that you were searching for, do not worry.

You can create your own unique Korean nickname by thinking of a concept that you think would sound cool. For example, you could consider using words like “Intellect” or “Dignity” and translate them into Korean using a tool like Google Translate.

If you need additional help creating your own nicknames, you can also refer to our username guide to find a suitable handle.

Also, check out our lists of VALORANT nicknames and character names.

Let us know if you want more in the comments section. We are always open to your feedback.

Have fun!

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