600+ Best Esports Team Names to Get the Win!

Looking for the best esports team names to bring it home? Here’s a massive list of ideas for your esports team. Pick one and conquer the matches with your mates.

With the number of competitive games rising, more and more people start diving into the vibrant world of esports. As esports continue to increase its popularity, you might find yourself in the thrill of a tournament one day. 

But before that happens, you need to find a name from the best esports team names list below. We listed the most awesome, coolest, and greatest names for you and your team. Let’s pick one and bag the prize!

Best Esports Team Names

cool eports team names
The best esports team names are essential for tournament participation.

Here’s a list of awesome esports team names inspired by various mythologies. Most of the name ideas below offer a touch of Greek and Scandinavian mythology as well. If you like that, the best Viking names are another source of inspiration too!

  1. Nyx Syndicate (Inspired by the Greek goddess of the night, Nyx)
  2. Excalibur Reborn (A reference to the legendary sword, symbolizing strength)
  3. Spartan Valor (In honor of the ancient warrior culture of Sparta)
  4. Aether Ascendants (Aether represents the upper sky and is linked with the divine)
  5. Valkyrie Legion (Valkyries were mythological Norse women who chose heroes in battle)
  6. Arcane Titans (Referring to hidden, mystical knowledge and strength)
  7. Phoenix Rebirth (Symbol of resurrection and renewal from its own ashes)
  8. Mjölnir Might (Named after Thor’s hammer in Norse mythology)
  9. Onyx Conquest (Onyx represents determination and strength)
  10. Olympus Vanguard (Inspired by the mythical home of the Greek gods)
  11. Aegis Guardians (Aegis was Zeus’ protective shield, symbolizing invulnerability)
  12. Chronos Eclipse (Named after the god of time, signifying change)
  13. Sovereign Seraphs (Seraphs are high-ranking angels, representing power)
  14. Hyperion Dominion (Hyperion was a Titan associated with light and wisdom)
  15. Veritas Resilience (Veritas means truth and resilience indicates strength)
  16. Echelon Enigma (Echelon refers to a level of authority, enigma for mystery)
  17. Zenith Valor (Zenith means peak, symbolizing the highest bravery)
  18. Vigilant Apex (A blend of watchfulness and the highest point)
  19. Nebula Nexus (Nebulae are celestial clouds, a nexus signifies connection)
  20. Equinox Syndicate (Equinox represents balance, a syndicate is a group)
  21. Chronicle Ascendants (A reference to recording and rising power)
  22. Terra Titans (Terra refers to Earth, symbolizing strength and stability)
  23. Celestial Legacy (Connected with the skies and a lasting impact)
  24. Zenith Radiance (Zenith and radiance combine for ultimate brilliance)
  25. Pandora’s Vanguard (From Pandora’s box of unknown, representing unpredictability)
  26. Vortex Dominion (Vortex indicates motion, dominance signifies power)
  27. Eon Imperials (Eon suggests vast time, imperials denote royalty)
  28. Apex Helix (Helix refers to a twisted structure, apex means peak)
  29. Serpentine Valor (Serpentine refers to a snake-like shape, valor for courage)
  30. Aurora Genesis (Aurora symbolizes dawn, genesis means beginning)
  31. Orion’s Enigma (Named after the constellation, enigma for mystery)
  32. Mystic Resurgence (Mystic suggests magic, resurgence for revival)
  33. Phantom Wardens (Phantom signifies illusion, wardens for protection)
  34. Ethereal Syndicate (Ethereal means heavenly, syndicate signifies unity)
  35. Nyx Nexus (From Nyx, goddess of night, with nexus for connection. Easily one of the best esports team names.)
  36. Galactic Dominion (Galactic pertains to galaxies, dominance for power)
  37. Spartan Radiance (From Spartans, radiance for brilliance)
  38. Nebula Ascendants (Nebulae represent cosmic clouds, ascendants for rise)
  39. Pheonix Valor (Variation of Phoenix, with valor for bravery)
  40. Zenith Echoes (Echoes suggest reflection, zenith for peak)
  41. Aether Enforcers (Aether is divine, enforcers imply authority)
  42. Eclipse Titans (Eclipse signifies change, titans for strength)
  43. Mjölnir Resilience (From Thor’s hammer, resilience for strength)
  44. Chronos Sovereigns (Chronos for time, sovereigns for rulership)
  45. Apex Reckoning (Apex is peak, reckoning for judgment)
  46. Serpentine Legacy (Serpentine suggests mystery, legacy for impact)
  47. Elysium Vanguard (Elysium is a paradise, vanguard signifies frontiers)
  48. Aegis Nexus (Aegis means shield, nexus for connection)
  49. Olympus Resurgence (From gods’ abode, resurgence for revival)
  50. Excalibur Dominion (Excalibur symbolizes strength, dominance for power)
  51. Mystic Valor (Mystic suggests magic, valor for bravery)
  52. Nyx Imperials (From Nyx, goddess of night, imperials for royalty)
  53. Phoenix Ascension (Phoenix symbolizes rebirth, ascension for rise)
  54. Hyperion Wardens (Hyperion for wisdom, wardens for protection)
  55. Valkyrie Radiance (Valkyries choose heroes, radiance for brilliance)
  56. Zenith Seraphs (Zenith is peak, seraphs for angelic power)
  57. Eon Legacy (Eon signifies vast time, legacy for lasting impact)
  58. Terra Reckoning (Terra refers to Earth, reckoning for judgment)
  59. Aurora Syndicate (Aurora is dawn, syndicate implies unity)
  60. Equinox Valor (Equinox indicates balance, valor for courage)
  61. Veritas Nexus (Veritas means truth, nexus for connection)
  62. Spartan Ascendants (From Spartans, ascendants for rise)
  63. Mjölnir Radiance (From Thor’s hammer, radiance for brilliance)
  64. Nebula Imperials (Nebulae represent cosmic clouds, imperials for royalty)
  65. Echelon Resurgence (Echelon suggests authority, resurgence for revival)
  66. Olympus Dominion (From gods’ abode, dominion for power)
  67. Aegis Genesis (Aegis means shield, genesis for beginning)
  68. Sovereign Valor (Sovereign signifies supreme authority, valor for bravery)
  69. Vortex Syndicate (Vortex suggests motion, syndicate signifies unity)
  70. Celestial Nexus (Celestial pertains to the skies, nexus for connection)
  71. Nyx Ascendants (From Nyx, goddess of night, ascendants for rise)
  72. Excalibur Legacy (Excalibur symbolizes strength, legacy for impact)
  73. Phoenix Radiance (Phoenix symbolizes renewal, radiance for brilliance)
  74. Mystic Imperials (Mystic suggests magic, imperials for royalty)
  75. Hyperion Valor (Hyperion for wisdom, valor for courage)
  76. Equinox Resilience (Equinox signifies balance, resilience for strength)
  77. Spartan Nexus (From Spartans, nexus for connection)
  78. Aurora Ascendants (Aurora is dawn, ascendants for rise)
  79. Eon Radiance (Eon suggests vast time, radiance for brilliance)
  80. Veritas Imperials (Veritas means truth, imperials for royalty)
  81. Valkyrie Valor (Valkyries choose heroes, valor for courage)
  82. Nebula Resilience (Nebulae represent cosmic clouds, resilience for strength)
  83. Aether Legacy (Aether signifies the divine, legacy for impact)
  84. Olympus Valor (From gods’ abode, valor for bravery)
  85. Apex Genesis (Apex is peak, genesis signifies beginning)
  86. Eclipse Ascendants (Eclipse symbolizes change, ascendants for rise)
  87. Terra Radiance (Terra refers to Earth, radiance for brilliance)
  88. Pandora’s Dominion (From Pandora’s box, dominion for power)
  89. Zenith Imperials (Zenith signifies peak, imperials for royalty)
  90. Mjölnir Nexus (From Thor’s hammer, nexus for connection)
  91. Vortex Resurgence (Vortex suggests motion, resurgence for revival)
  92. Echelon Valor (Echelon suggests authority, valor for bravery)
  93. Nyx Radiance (From Nyx, goddess of night, radiance for brilliance)
  94. Excalibur Imperials (Excalibur symbolizes strength, imperials for royalty)
  95. Spartan Resilience (From Spartans, resilience for strength)
  96. Aurora Nexus (Aurora is dawn, nexus signifies connection)
  97. Veritas Ascendants (Veritas means truth, ascendants for rise)
  98. Hyperion Radiance (Hyperion for wisdom, radiance for brilliance)
  99. Nebula Genesis (Nebulae represent cosmic clouds, genesis for beginning)
  100. Celestial Imperials (Celestial pertains to the skies, imperials for royalty)

Cool Esports Team Names (These Are Awesome!)

awesome eports team names

These cool esports team names might not make you the new Faze Clan. But they will certainly inflict psychic damage on your opponents. They will also make your rivals jealous like the best PSN names!

  1. Nova Syndicate
  2. Quantum Valor
  3. Imperium Rising
  4. Astral Requiem
  5. Eon Vanguard
  6. Nexus Enigma
  7. Apex Ascendants
  8. Legacy Titans
  9. Eclipse Legion
  10. Dominion Aegis
  11. Infinity Rift
  12. Vanguard Dynasty
  13. Ethereal Unity
  14. Genesis Esports
  15. Celestial Reign
  16. Ascension Vanguard
  17. Seraphic Pulse
  18. Sovereign Strike
  19. Mythos Monolith
  20. Elysium Elite
  21. Olympus Sovereign
  22. Radiant Conquest
  23. Zenith Syndicate
  24. Dominion Nexus
  25. Enigma Horizon
  26. Aurora Dominion
  27. Phoenix Vanguard
  28. Aegis Ascension
  29. Valkyrie Valor
  30. Equinox Empire
  31. Zenith Reckoning
  32. Paragon Squadron
  33. Ethereal Guardians
  34. Valiant Enforcers
  35. Phoenix Ascendants
  36. Astral Dominance
  37. Sovereign Dynasty
  38. Quantum Resurgence
  39. Legacy Syndicate
  40. Celestial Imperium
  41. Eclipse Vanguard
  42. Nova Conquest
  43. Infinity Phalanx
  44. Eon Legacy
  45. Monolith Defiance
  46. Radiant Resilience
  47. Nexus Vanguard
  48. Valor Ascension
  49. Dominion Wardens
  50. Apex Vanguard
  51. Aegis Dominion
  52. Genesis Ascendants
  53. Ethereal Enforcers
  54. Seraphic Sentinels
  55. Dominion Echelon
  56. Quantum Radiance
  57. Nova Dominion
  58. Nexus Phalanx
  59. Eon Enigma
  60. Imperium Ascendants
  61. Eclipse Vigil
  62. Legacy Echelon
  63. Radiant Dominators
  64. Infinity Imperium
  65. Nexus Vigilance
  66. Ethereal Legion
  67. Celestial Vanguard
  68. Sovereign Ascendants
  69. Valiant Eon
  70. Aurora Dynasty
  71. Genesis Sentinels
  72. Astral Enigma
  73. Apex Legacy
  74. Dominion Valor
  75. Quantum Defenders
  76. Eon Phalanx
  77. Nexus Resilience
  78. Imperium Guardians
  79. Eclipse Enforcers
  80. Radiant Legacy
  81. Infinity Vigil
  82. Ethereal Wardens
  83. Monolith Vanguard
  84. Nova Resurgence
  85. Celestial Ascendants
  86. Quantum Wardens
  87. Nexus Imperium
  88. Dominion Enigma
  89. Eon Dominion
  90. Sovereign Syndicate
  91. Genesis Defiance
  92. Astral Legacy
  93. Apex Radiance
  94. Legacy Wardens
  95. Eclipse Eon
  96. Ethereal Ascension
  97. Nexus Defenders
  98. Valor Vigil
  99. Imperium Enigma
  100. Radiant Imperials

Creative Esports Team Name Ideas

eports teams name ideas

From Warhammer 40K to Battlestar Galactica, the fictional universes offer wonderful inspirations to come up with creative and the best esports team names. That’s why we believe your team will love these name ideas. If they don’t cut it, our best clan names piece should be your next stop!

  1. Warpstorm Reckoners
  2. Emperor’s Vanguard
  3. Necron Nexus
  4. Aetherfire Ascendancy
  5. Celestium Shadows
  6. Ordo Ascendants
  7. Nova Thule
  8. Inquisitorial Rivals
  9. Vox Legion
  10. Blackstone Enigma
  11. Drakkar Ecliptics
  12. Ironclad Dominion
  13. Starborn Conquest
  14. Obsidian Scepters
  15. Penumbral Sentinels
  16. Sanguine Nexus
  17. Luminar Revenants
  18. Promethium Dynasty
  19. Adamantine Phalanx
  20. Null Vector
  21. Leviathan Ascendancy
  22. Warpforge Vanguard
  23. Penumbral Vortex
  24. Astral Dragoons
  25. Exarch Imperialis
  26. Skyclad Wardens
  27. Etherium Harbingers
  28. Crimson Starborn
  29. Martyr’s Enigmas
  30. Abyssal Anvils
  31. Arcane Pioneers
  32. Obsidian Arbiters
  33. Voidstorm Paladins
  34. Exodite Echoes
  35. Celestium Harbingers
  36. Echohelm Legion
  37. Penumbral Praetors
  38. Stormshroud Reavers
  39. Nova Templars
  40. Reclaimers of Athame
  41. Arcanum Crusaders
  42. Adamantine Nexus
  43. Shadowkeep Vanguard
  44. Astral Flame Reavers
  45. Voidforged Dominance
  46. Obsidian Archons
  47. Etherium Ciphers
  48. Nova Aegis
  49. Bloodsteel Sentinels
  50. Celestial Wraiths

Valorant Esports Team Names and Ideas

valorant eports team names

Riot’s hit FPS Valorant has taken the world by storm. That’s why a ton of new Valorant esports teams emerge each passing day. If you are one of them, make sure your name prevails even before you. The titles below go hand in hand with the best Valorant names!

  1. Nebula Ascendants
  2. Etherflare Elite
  3. Radiant Reckoners
  4. Celestial Vanguard
  5. Phoenix’s Embercore
  6. Mirage Mystics
  7. Echo Edge Squadron
  8. Luminex Legends
  9. Equinox Eclipsers
  10. Ion Pulse Guild
  11. Prism Shift Syndicate
  12. Dawnbreaker Dominion
  13. Project Aurora
  14. Chrono Nexus Crew
  15. Nova Fusion Force
  16. Astral Envoys
  17. Infinity Ignition
  18. Stardust Sentinels
  19. Equilibrium Elite
  20. Astral Pulse Platoon
  21. Nebulight Nation
  22. Astral Ascension
  23. Nebula Nova Corps
  24. Lunar Luminary
  25. Solstice Strikers
  26. Ethereal Enigma
  27. Genesis Glitch Gamers
  28. Stellar Shift
  29. Radiance Rift Rogues
  30. Nebuline Battalion
  31. Arcane Alchemists
  32. Eclipse Enforcers
  33. Cosmos Ciphers
  34. Vortex Vanguard
  35. Solace Synergy
  36. Eon Enigma
  37. Quantum Quasar
  38. Echoes of Valor
  39. Essence Echo Ensemble
  40. Paragon Pulse
  41. Vesper Vanguard
  42. Apex Anomaly
  43. Arcane Aegis
  44. Zenith Zealots
  45. Illusion Inceptors
  46. Radiant Resonance
  47. Serenity Specter
  48. Epoch Emissaries
  49. Prism Pioneers
  50. Celestia Convergence
  51. Nebula Nexus Nine
  52. Ethereal Echoes
  53. Zodiac Zenith
  54. Omen’s Eclipse
  55. Astral Arkane
  56. Ascendant Allegiance
  57. Nova Nexus Network
  58. Mirage Matrix
  59. Solara Syndicate
  60. Equinox Echo
  61. Quantum Quell
  62. Valor Veil
  63. Enigma Echelon
  64. Genesis Gravitate
  65. Nebula Numinous
  66. Radiant Roamers
  67. Eon Edge
  68. Eclipse Echo Elite
  69. Nebula Navigators
  70. Arcane Alliance
  71. Zenith Zephyr
  72. Astral Axis
  73. Ethereal Equipoise
  74. Enigma Envoys
  75. Nova Nurturers
  76. Quantum Quorum
  77. Prism Paragons
  78. Luminex Luminary
  79. Celestial Synchrony
  80. Solstice Sentinel
  81. Apex Arcanum
  82. Stardust Seraphs
  83. Mirage Manifest
  84. Valorant Voyageurs
  85. Omen’s Overture
  86. Radiant Rhapsody
  87. Equinox Elysium
  88. Nebula Nomads
  89. Etherian Enclave
  90. Astral Amplitude
  91. Echoing Epoch
  92. Quantum Quest
  93. Ethereal Expedition
  94. Nova Nexus Nation
  95. Prism Phantoms
  96. Nebula Nectar
  97. Celestial Circuit
  98. Solstice Syzygy
  99. Radiant Rapture
  100. Eon Essence Embrace

League of Legends Esports Team Names

league of legends esports team

You might think that Valorant stole the storm of League of Legends. That’s not true, though as the competitive landscape of LoL is still boiling hot. That’s why you and your mates need a solid League of Legends esports team names!

  1. Arcane Striders – Mastery of magical movement and agility.
  2. Nexus Guardians – Protectors of the core objectives in the game.
  3. Penta Pulse – Referring to the five kills needed for a pentakill.
  4. Shadowflame Syndicate – Embracing the dark and fiery elements.
  5. Celestial Havoc – Chaos influenced by celestial powers.
  6. Riftstorm Reapers – Harvesting power from the chaotic rift.
  7. Lunar Ascendants – Rising with the moon’s influence.
  8. Runewarden Elite – Masters of mystical runes and wards.
  9. Maelstrom Titans – Titans of the powerful maelstrom.
  10. Solar Saboteurs – Using solar energy to disrupt opponents.
  11. Voidwatch Vanguard – Guardians against the dangers of the void.
  12. Crystalbane Collective – Collectively fighting against cursed crystals.
  13. Starforged Unity – United by the strength of stars.
  14. Seraphic Eclipses – Celestial beings causing cosmic shifts.
  15. Bloodmoon Dominion – Dominating under the red moon’s influence.
  16. Emberstorm Alliance – An alliance fueled by ember-like fury.
  17. Dawnbringer Ascendancy – Rising as heralds of the dawn.
  18. Mist Veil Vanguard – Protective vanguard cloaked in mist.
  19. Solstice Reckoners – Calculating their strength under solstice influence.
  20. Echo Isles Esports – Isles resonating with the echoes of battles.
  21. Thunderlord Syndicate – Syndicate wielding the power of thunder.
  22. Ironspike Invokers – Masters of iron spikes, invoking power.
  23. Celestial Sovereigns – Rulers influenced by celestial forces.
  24. Stormbringer Reapers – Reaping souls with storm-like ferocity.
  25. Crimson Vortex – Swift and intense forces, crimson in nature.
  26. Nightshade Nexus – Nexus hidden in shadows and nightshade.
  27. Runeforged Guardians – Guardians crafted by mystical runes.
  28. Echofire Ascendants – Ascendants wielding the power of echoes.
  29. Aurora Revenants – Revenants awakened by the aurora.
  30. Valoran Vanguard – Guardians of the realm of Valorant.
  31. Lunar Veil – Veil of lunar mysteries and power.
  32. Runeborn Resilience – Resilience derived from ancient runes.
  33. Dawnbringer Dominion – Ruling with the power of dawn.
  34. Mistfall Esports – Esports team arising from mystical mist.
  35. Emberflare Clan – Clan with a fierce ember-like intensity.
  36. Voidshroud Vanguard – Guardians shrouded in the void’s power.
  37. Crystalcane Collective – Collective power derived from crystals.
  38. Starforged Sentinels – Sentinels born of starlight.
  39. Radiant Requiem – A requiem of radiance and light.
  40. Bloodmoon Collective – Collective united under the blood moon.
  41. Emberfall Alliance – Alliance formed amidst ember-like chaos.
  42. Solstice Shadows – Shadows deepened by the solstice.
  43. Celestial Stormwatch – Guardians watching over celestial storms.
  44. Echostrand Syndicate – Syndicate with echoes resonating in their name.
  45. Thundermark Titans – Titans leaving thunderous marks.
  46. Ironbend Ascendants – Ascendants with power over iron.
  47. Arcane Veil – Veil shrouded in arcane mysteries.
  48. Nightfire Nexus – Nexus touched by the fires of night.
  49. Runebound Covenant – Covenant bound by ancient runes.
  50. Dawnbringer Dominance – Dominating with the power of dawn.
  51. Mistwalk Vanguard – Vanguard walking through mystical mist.
  52. Emberflare Reckoners – Reckoning with the intensity of embers.
  53. Voidbringer Unity – Unified by the forces of the void.
  54. Crystalwatch Syndicate – Syndicate vigilant over crystals.
  55. Starshroud Sentinels – Sentinels enshrouded in starlight.
  56. Radiant Resurgence – Resurging with radiance and light.
  57. Bloodpact Collective – Collective bound by a blood pact.
  58. Emberchaser Clan – Clan chasing the fiery path of embers.
  59. Solstice Sovereigns – Sovereigns ruling under the solstice.
  60. Arcane Echoes – Echoes of arcane magic resonating.
  61. Lunarfall Nexus – Nexus falling under the lunar influence.
  62. Thunderforged Guardians – Guardians forged by thunder’s might.
  63. Ironbound Ascendancy – Ascendancy with unyielding iron power.
  64. Celestial Veil – Veil masking celestial influence.
  65. Voidwhisper Alliance – Alliance whispering the language of the void.
  66. Crystalcore Reavers – Reavers harnessing the core of crystals.
  67. Starlit Vanguard – Vanguard shining like the stars.
  68. Radiant Watchers – Watchers vigilant with radiance.
  69. Mistwhisper Syndicate – Syndicate whispering secrets in mist.
  70. Emberweave Titans – Titans weaving the fabric of embers.
  71. Dawnblade Unity – Unity guided by the dawn’s light.
  72. Bloodfyre Collective – Collective ablaze with blood-like fire.
  73. Solstice Sentinels – Sentinels guarding during the solstice.
  74. Lunarflare Esports – Esports team embodying lunar flare.
  75. Voidward Dominion – Dominating with the power of the void.
  76. Ironshroud Reckoners – Reckoning with ironclad might.
  77. Celestial Echo – Echoes resonating with celestial power.
  78. Arcanefall Alliance – Alliance formed during arcane transitions.
  79. Thundercrest Vanguard – Vanguard crowned with thunder’s might.
  80. Starborn Ascendants – Ascendants born under starlight.
  81. Radiant Runebreakers – Breakers of runes with radiant strength.
  82. Emberheart Syndicate – Syndicate with ember-like fiery hearts.
  83. Mistcaller Clan – Clan calling forth the power of mist.
  84. Dawnshroud Dominion – Dominion shrouded in dawn’s light.
  85. Bloodmoon Nexus – Nexus tied to the blood moon’s power.
  86. Solstice Shadows – Shadows deepened by solstice.
  87. Lunarwatch Resilience – Resilience forged during lunar watches.
  88. Voidbinder Collective – Collective bound by the forces of the void.
  89. Ironspire Unity – Unity built upon iron foundations.
  90. Celestial Nexus – Nexus interwoven with celestial influence.
  91. Arcanestrand Esports – Esports team formed by arcane strands.
  92. Thundercrystal Guardians – Guardians with the power of thunder and crystals.
  93. Starforged Ascendancy – Ascendancy forged under starlight.
  94. Radiant Reavers – Reavers embodying radiant power.
  95. Emberveil Vanguard – Vanguard guarded by ember veils.
  96. Mistborn Syndicate – Syndicate empowered by mystical mist.
  97. Dawnbringer Dominion – Dominion empowered by the dawn.
  98. Bloodrift Clan – Clan navigating the currents of bloodrift.
  99. Solsticewatch Unity – Unity kept watch by the solstice.
  100. Voidweave Collective – Collective weaving the fabric of the void.

Esports Team Names for CS:GO

With Counter-Strike 2 on the way, you definitely need to find a solid name for your esports team. Throw a smoke, rush B, and take the win! Here are the best esports team names for CS:GO.

  1. Precision Syndicate
  2. Mirage Warriors
  3. Inferno Vanguard
  4. ExoTec Elites
  5. Duststorm Dominance
  6. Echo Coalition
  7. Valor Sentinels
  8. Ghostfire
  9. Flashpoint
  10. Smokestrike
  11. Aces & Angels
  12. Desertwind
  13. Fireline Syndicate
  14. Armada Assailants
  15. Flashfire
  16. Smokestorm
  17. Reconflare
  18. Valorium
  19. Incursion
  20. Nocturne Nexus
  21. Wraithfire
  22. Redline Renegades
  23. Resonance
  24. Smokescreen
  25. Phoenixfire
  26. Desolation
  27. Stardust Strike Unit
  28. Celestial Coalition
  29. Moltenfire
  30. Valor Vortex
  31. Shadowflare Command
  32. Ashen Assault
  33. Smokecore
  34. Moltenstone Dominance
  35. Bulletstrike Nexus
  36. Smokefall
  37. Echoshadow
  38. Desolace
  39. Valorflare
  40. Spectralfire
  41. Riftshade
  42. Ironclad

Fortnite Esports Team Names

fortnite eports team

You don’t have to dive into the thrilling world of competitive Fortnite. But if you feel like you have to, have a look at the Fortnite esports team names below!

  1. Glider Vanguard
  2. Loot Luminaries
  3. Storm Surge Titans
  4. Victory Royale Regiment
  5. Rift Rovers
  6. Skyfall Sentinels
  7. Buildmasters Brotherhood
  8. Battle Bus Battalion
  9. Emote Envoys
  10. Pixel Pioneers
  11. Galaxy Guardians
  12. Rumble Raiders
  13. Apex Aces
  14. Vortex Vigilantes
  15. Xeno Xtreme
  16. Magma Mavericks
  17. Thunder Thrashers
  18. Nebula Nexus
  19. Prism Platoon
  20. Blitz Blaze
  21. Wildfire Wanderers
  22. Eon Echoes
  23. Quest Quake
  24. Dreamweaver Dynasty
  25. Nova Navigators
  26. Cosmic Conquerors
  27. Terra Tribe
  28. Zero Gravity Zephyrs
  29. Skyline Spartans
  30. Infinity Infiltrators
  31. Neon Nocturnes
  32. Quantum Quasar
  33. Starshine Syndicate
  34. Ember Enforcers
  35. Flare Frenzy
  36. Solar Sojourners
  37. Mirage Marauders
  38. Aurora Alliance
  39. Frostfire Fraternity
  40. Horizon Heroes
  41. Pixel Pioneers
  42. Meteor Maulers
  43. Spectral Surge
  44. Radiant Revenants
  45. Elemental Exodus
  46. Astro Archons
  47. Stardust Sirens
  48. Serenity Squadron
  49. Galaxy Gladiators
  50. Vortex Vanguard
  51. Radiant Rulers
  52. Neon Nightfall
  53. Chrono Champions
  54. Stellar Storm
  55. Prism Phantoms
  56. Crystalline Collective
  57. Celestial Corsairs
  58. Phoenix Platoon
  59. Eon Empyrean
  60. Valkyrie Vanguard
  61. Apex Alchemists
  62. Nebula Nomads
  63. Quantum Quell
  64. Luminous Legion
  65. Solar Spectrum
  66. Astral Ascendants
  67. Frostfall Freelancers
  68. Shadow Shoguns
  69. Blaze Brigade
  70. Terra Tornadoes
  71. Starbound Savants
  72. Nova Nomads
  73. Horizon Huntresses
  74. Dream Drovers
  75. Ether Envoys
  76. Skyward Sages
  77. Glacial Guild
  78. Nebula Nexus
  79. Thundercore Tribe
  80. Celestial Cyclone
  81. Elemental Eclipse
  82. Frostbite Forgers
  83. Aurora Apex
  84. Pixel Pioneers
  85. Prism Platoon
  86. Starfall Sentries
  87. Serenity Storm
  88. Radiant Reavers
  89. Ember Emperors
  90. Blizzard Brawlers
  91. Solarus Sentinels
  92. Thunderstrike Titans
  93. Ethereal Eclipse
  94. Terra Troupe
  95. Cosmic Crusaders
  96. Vortex Vigilance
  97. Neon Nightstalkers
  98. Elemental Empyrean
  99. Luminous Luminary
  100. Stardust Sovereigns

Awesome Esports Team Names for PUBG

pubg esports team names

The battle-royale craze is still going on in some parts of the world. And if you are still among those players roaming around Erangel or Miramar, well, these PUBG esports team names are perfect for you.

And if you think that these aren’t enough, definitely check out unique PUBG clan names list.

  1. Battleground Bravados
  2. Loot Legend Legion
  3. Pochinki Predators
  4. Chicken Dinner Dynamos
  5. Blue Zone Blazers
  6. Airdrop Avengers
  7. Erangel Elite
  8. Miramar Mavericks
  9. Sanhok Sentinels
  10. Vikendi Victors
  11. Survival Supremacy
  12. Last Man Standing Squad
  13. Dropped Desperados
  14. Parachute Pursuers
  15. Warzone Warriors
  16. Loot Lancers
  17. Circle Chasers
  18. PUBG Pioneers
  19. Panda Platoon
  20. Raging Red Zones
  21. Wasteland Wanderers
  22. Ghillie Gang
  23. Rifle Rampage
  24. No-Scope Nomads
  25. Tactical Titans
  26. Battlefield Bandits
  27. Champion’s Clan
  28. Top Tier Tacticians
  29. Warpath Wanderers
  30. Combat Cartel
  31. Loot Legends
  32. Victory Vanguard
  33. Airdrop Ambushers
  34. PUBG Predators
  35. Erangel Extremists
  36. Miramar Mercenaries
  37. Sanhok Sharpshooters
  38. Vikendi Vanguards
  39. Survivor’s Syndicate
  40. Battlefront Battalion
  41. Gritty Guardians
  42. Lone Wolf Legends
  43. PUBG Phantoms
  44. Winner’s Wrath
  45. Ruthless Raiders
  46. Blue Zone Blitz
  47. Pochinki Punishers
  48. Chicken Conquerors
  49. Survival Seekers
  50. Circle Champions
  51. Airdrop Assassins
  52. Warzone Warchiefs
  53. PUBG Prowess
  54. Miramar Militia
  55. Sanhok Saviors
  56. Vikendi Victories
  57. Tactical Triumph
  58. Survival Saints
  59. Gun Game Gods
  60. Circle Crushers
  61. Battle Beacon
  62. Apex Aces
  63. Champion’s Chosen
  64. Victory Vanguard
  65. Battlefield Brothers
  66. Warpath Wielders
  67. Bunker Brigade
  68. Loot Luminaries
  69. Chicken Dinner Collective
  70. Desert Dominance
  71. Warrior’s Watch
  72. PUBG Powerhouse
  73. Survival Savants
  74. Nocturnal Nomads
  75. Ghillie Guardians
  76. Lone Landers
  77. Airdrop Alliance
  78. Warzone Wardens
  79. Battleground Bests
  80. Combat Catalyst
  81. PUBG Patriots
  82. Tactical Titans
  83. Circle Stalkers
  84. Last Man’s Legion
  85. Gun Game Guild
  86. Battlefront Brotherhood
  87. Gritty Gladiators
  88. Erangel Enigma
  89. Miramar Marauders
  90. Sanhok Sentinels
  91. Vikendi Valor
  92. Survivor’s Society
  93. Warpath Warriors
  94. Loot Legends
  95. Chicken Conquest
  96. Circle Supremacy
  97. PUBG Pros
  98. Ruthless Rovers
  99. Battlefield Banner
  100. Champion’s Charge

If you like these a lot and looking for a nickname for your PUBG account, we’ve got you covered. Here are the best PUBG names!

Let Your Esports Team Name Shine!

Choosing a solid name for your team is not enough. You need to make it stand out among others. Our Fancy Text Generator is the perfect way to do that.

For example, VOIDBINDER COLLECTIVE definitely looks better than Voidbinder Collective, right?

Wrapping Up

There is no doubt that the esports industry will increase its popularity in the future. With new competitive games coming each passing year, you might need to save a seat with your teammates. And that only happens with hard work, dedication, and with one of the best Esports team names!

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