+600 Discord Server Names You Need for Your Community!

Dive into more than 600 Discord server names to find the perfect name for your online community.

We listed hundreds of different name ideas inspired by mythologies, old languages, and pop culture.

You might be looking for a funny name for your friendly Discord server. Or you need an interesting name for your roleplay group on the platform. It doesn’t matter! Becase the creative Discord server names below will give you the inspiration you need.

Before you dive into the colossal list of server names below, do have a look at these Discord name ideas!

Best Discord Server Names

The Discord server names below are the greatest. We also added their cool meanings. So they are not just silly words put together. Feel free to pick one for your server!

  1. Aurum Syndicate – “Golden Alliance”
  2. Bellum Caeli – “War of the Skies”
  3. Cognitio Obscura – “Dark Knowledge”
  4. Corvus Conclave – “Gathering of Ravens”
  5. Crux Noctis – “Night’s Crucible”
  6. Dolor Veritas – “Truth of Pain”
  7. Draconis Vanguard – “Dragon’s Vanguard”
  8. Elysium Enigma – “Mystery of Elysium”
  9. Errantis Ignis – “Wandering Fire”
  10. Exsilium Nexus – “Exiled Connection”
  11. Fidelis Umbrarum – “Faithful of Shadows”
  12. Fortuna Fraternitas – “Brotherhood of Fortune”
  13. Gaia Sepulcrum – “Earth’s Tomb”
  14. Ignis Sylva – “Fire of the Forest”
  15. Imperium Astrum – “Empire of Stars”
  16. Inanis Conventus – “Empty Assembly”
  17. Infinitum Labyrinthus – “Infinite Labyrinth”
  18. Invidia Concordia – “Harmony of Envy”
  19. Lumen Tenebrae – “Light of Darkness”
  20. Lux Arcanum – “Arcane Light”
  21. Memento Mori – “Remember Death”
  22. Morbus Nexus – “Disease Connection”
  23. Mortalis Ordo – “Mortal Order”
  24. Nexus Obscurum – “Dark Nexus”
  25. Nihilum Custodes – “Guardians of Nothingness”
  26. Nocturna Dominus – “Lord of the Night”
  27. Oculus Mystica – “Mystical Eye”
  28. Omnia Nexus – “All-Connecting”
  29. Ordo Abysso – “Order of the Abyss”
  30. Pax Mysterium – “Mystery’s Peace”
  31. Phantasma Custodia – “Guardians of Phantoms”
  32. Praesidium Umbrarum – “Stronghold of Shadows”
  33. Proelium Noctis – “Night’s Battle”
  34. Pulvis Eternus – “Eternal Dust”
  35. Quies Obscura – “Dark Rest”
  36. Radiant Eclipsis – “Radiant Eclipse”
  37. Requiem Nocturne – “Nocturnal Requiem”
  38. Sanguis Fraternitas – “Brotherhood of Blood”
  39. Secretum Arcanum – “Secret Mystery”
  40. Serpentis Nexus – “Serpent Connection”
  41. Silentium Bellum – “Silent War”
  42. Solitudinem Custodes – “Guardians of Solitude”
  43. Sombra Sodalitas – “Shadow Fellowship”
  44. Somnium Custodia – “Guardians of Dreams”
  45. Spectral Vanguard – “Vanguard of Specters”
  46. Stella Umbra – “Star’s Shadow”
  47. Tempus Fraternitas – “Brotherhood of Time”
  48. Terra Occulta – “Hidden Earth”
  49. Umbra Draconis – “Dragon’s Shadow”
  50. Uroboros Nexus – “Ouroboros Connection”
  51. Vesper Umbrarum – “Evening Shadows”
  52. GameHive: A bustling community where gamers gather and thrive.
  53. PixelPhantoms: For those who haunt digital realms and pixelated adventures.
  54. EpicQuesters: Brave souls embarking on grand gaming quests.
  55. ArcadeLegends: Dedicated to the classic gems of gaming history.
  56. RaidRaptors: A squad of fierce gamers, ready to raid and conquer.
  57. ConsoleCrew: United by a shared love for gaming consoles.
  58. GuildGladiators: A guild of skilled players, battling for glory.
  59. VRVirtuosos: Masters of the virtual reality gaming realm.
  60. PixelPioneers: Exploring uncharted territories in the world of pixels.
  61. DiceDynasty: Where tabletop and digital gamers unite.
  62. CyberSavages: Navigating the wilds of cybernetic landscapes.
  63. RetroRebooted: Bringing retro games back to life with a modern twist.
  64. EsportsElites: Champions of the competitive gaming scene.
  65. PixelPaladins: Guardians of digital realms, defending against glitches.
  66. GameMastersDen: Where the masters of games share their wisdom.
  67. NinjaNetwork: A covert clan skilled in stealth and strategy.
  68. ConsoleChampions: Rising to victory on gaming consoles.
  69. RespawnRoyalty: Kings and queens of the respawn mechanic.
  70. PixelWarlords: Ruling over digital domains with skill and strategy.
  71. VirtualVoyagers: Exploring vast virtual worlds and dimensions.
  72. BattleBrotherhood: A fraternity of warriors who battle side by side.
  73. PixelGlitchers: Embracing the beauty of game glitches and quirks.
  74. ChronoClashers: Time-traveling adventurers in the gaming multiverse.
  75. MobMarauders: Dominating massive multiplayer online battles.
  76. PixelPilots: Navigating the digital skies and space simulations.
  77. EpicEnigma: A mysterious collective, known for their gaming prowess.
  78. GameSculptors: Crafting immersive experiences within virtual worlds.
  79. CyberStormers: Unleashing a storm of skill in the cyber realm.
  80. PixelPuzzlers: Solving intricate puzzles and challenges in games.
  81. LegendLegion: A legendary legion of gaming heroes.
  82. VRValiants: Courageous warriors conquering VR realms.
  83. PixelPharaohs: Rulers of pixelated lands, reigning supreme.
  84. ChronoChampions: Champions of time-bending mechanics in games.
  85. NeoNinjas: Modern-day ninjas skilled in digital warfare.
  86. RetroRevolution: Leading a revival of retro gaming experiences.
  87. PixelProdigies: Young prodigies mastering the art of digital gaming.
  88. VRVortex: Immersed in the swirling vortex of virtual reality.
  89. GameFusionists: Merging genres and creating unique gaming experiences.
  90. DigitalDuelists: Engaging in intense duels within digital realms.
  91. CosmicControllers: Guiding characters through cosmic gaming journeys.
  92. VRVigilantes: Watchful protectors of the virtual realm.
  93. PixelPhenoms: Rising stars and prodigies of pixelated worlds.
  94. EpicExpedition: Embarking on epic gaming adventures.
  95. ConsoleConquest: Conquering all on the gaming console battlefield.
  96. GameGurusGuild: A guild of wise gamers, sharing knowledge and skills.
  97. VRVortexVoyagers: Exploring the endless possibilities of VR.
  98. PixelProdigies: Young geniuses shaping the future of gaming.
  99. GlitchGuardians: Protecting games from the menace of glitches.
  100. RealmRangers: Roaming across gaming realms and dimensions.
  101. PixelPioneers: Discovering new frontiers in pixelated landscapes.

Cool Discord Server Names

We’ve listed some of the coolest Discord server names and ideas. We also made them sound as edgy as possible, haha!

By the way, these Discord server names look even better thanks to our Fancy Text Generator!

Like the ones above, the server name ideas below draw inspiration from Latin. If you look names and nicknames similar to the ones below, also check out the best PSN names!

  1. Abyssal Covenant: An agreement from the depths.
  2. Amber Syndicate: An alliance of golden opportunities.
  3. Apex Vanguard: Leading at the highest point.
  4. Arcane Nexus: A mysterious connection.
  5. Aurora Enigma: A puzzle of dawn.
  6. Bane Brotherhood: A fraternity of misfortune.
  7. Crimson Dominion: A rule over red realms.
  8. Cryptic Ascendants: Mysterious risers.
  9. Dawn Requiem: A song of morning.
  10. Doomed Scepter: A cursed authority.
  11. Eclipse Covenant: An agreement during darkness.
  12. Ephemeral Paradox: A fleeting contradiction.
  13. Eternal Vigil: A never-ending watch.
  14. Forsaken Collective: Abandoned gathering.
  15. Golden Eclipse: Precious darkness.
  16. Harmony Echelon: A tier of peace.
  17. Illusionary Enclave: A deceptive hideout.
  18. Inferno Syndicate: An alliance of fire.
  19. Lunar Sovereigns: Rulers of the moon.
  20. Mystic Dominion: A realm of mystery.
  21. Nebula Convergence: A meeting of celestial clouds.
  22. Nocturnal Covenant: An agreement of the night.
  23. Obsidian Syndicate: An alliance of darkness.
  24. Onyx Vanguard: Leading with black strength.
  25. Penumbral Court: The court of shadows.
  26. Phantom Enigma: A mysterious illusion.
  27. Radiant Ascendants: Shining risers.
  28. Rune Requiem: A song of ancient symbols.
  29. Scarlet Covenant: An agreement of deep red.
  30. Serpentine Nexus: A twisting connection.
  31. Shadowed Syndicate: An alliance of obscurity.
  32. Silent Sovereigns: Rulers of silence.
  33. Solar Echelon: A tier of the sun.
  34. Spectral Paradox: A contradiction in ghosts.
  35. Stormforged Covenant: An agreement of thunder.
  36. Temporal Enclave: A hideout across time.
  37. Twilight Vanguard: Leading at dusk.
  38. Umbra Brotherhood: A fraternity of shadows.
  39. Unseen Dominion: A realm hidden from sight.
  40. Vermilion Convergence: A meeting of vivid reds.
  41. Void Requiem: A song of emptiness.
  42. Whispered Scepter: An authority in secrets.
  43. Wraithborne Collective: Spirits-gathered assembly.
  44. Xeno Eclipse: Alien darkness.
  45. Zenith Ascendants: Rulers at their peak.
  46. Abyssal Enigma: A mysterious and hidden group that delves into the unknown.
  47. Arcane Ascendants: Those who seek to transcend ordinary understanding through magic.
  48. Black Lotus Society: A secretive organization with occult interests.
  49. Crimson Covenant: A pact of individuals bound by a common goal.
  50. Darkstar Syndicate: A group that operates in the shadows, manipulating events.
  51. Eclipse Empire: A powerful group that aims to overshadow all others.
  52. Frostbound Collective: A coalition focused on harnessing the power of ice and cold.
  53. Golden Veil Alliance: A network of individuals with hidden talents.
  54. Harmony’s Vanguard: Protectors of balance and peace in a chaotic world.
  55. Infernal Dominion: Rulers of the underworld, plotting their ascent.
  56. Jade Serpent Society: A group that worships the mystical and powerful serpent.
  57. Kaleidoscope Assembly: A diverse and ever-changing collective.
  58. Lunar Conclave: Followers of the moon, seeking its guidance.
  59. Mystic Mirage Guild: Experts in illusion and deception.
  60. Nocturne Order: Guardians of the night, keeping darkness in check.
  61. Obsidian Syndicate: A secretive and formidable alliance.
  62. Phoenix Resurgence: A group that rises from the ashes, stronger each time.
  63. Quicksilver Network: Swift and adaptable individuals working together.
  64. Runebound Enclave: Experts in ancient runes and magic.
  65. Shadowed Hand: A covert organization that pulls strings from the shadows.
  66. Tempest Brotherhood: Masters of storms and turbulent forces.
  67. Umbral Tribunal: A council of darkness, making shadowy decisions.
  68. Vermilion Pact: A binding agreement among those who seek power.
  69. Whispering Oak Society: A group that communicates with nature’s secrets.
  70. Xenolith Fellowship: Guardians of otherworldly artifacts.
  71. Yggdrasil Assembly: Protectors of the world tree and its wisdom.
  72. Zephyr Collective: A group that harnesses the power of gentle breezes.
  73. Aetherian Seekers: Explorers of the ethereal and celestial.
  74. Banshee’s Lament: A group with eerie powers and mournful purposes.
  75. Cinderfall Consortium: Those who manipulate fire and destruction.
  76. Draconic Accord: A pact among dragon enthusiasts and admirers.
  77. Eldritch Nexus: A connection to the eldritch and arcane.
  78. Fae Court Assembly: A gathering of faeries and nature spirits.
  79. Gloomweaver Clan: Masters of weaving illusions and shadows.
  80. Hydra’s Council: A group with multiple facets and heads.
  81. Inferno Inquisition: Seekers of hidden truths through flames.
  82. Jester’s Gambit: A playful and mischievous collective.
  83. Kraken’s Embrace: Warriors of the deep sea and its mysteries.
  84. Lunarfall Syndicate: Manipulators of moonlight and lunar energy.
  85. Mystic Chronographers: Those who study time and its mysteries.
  86. Nyx’s Emissaries: Ambassadors of the night and its secrets.
  87. Oblivion’s Choir: A group that brings about the end of things.
  88. Penumbral Assembly: A gathering that thrives in twilight and shadow.
  89. Quantum Envoys: Explorers of the smallest and largest realms.
  90. Radiant Paragonists: Champions of light and purity.
  91. Serpent’s Coil: A group entwined in secrecy and power.
  92. Tenebrous Syndicate: Masters of darkness and obscurity.
  93. Umbra Arcanum: A secret order that studies hidden magic.
  94. Vortex Convergence: A meeting point of chaotic energies.
  95. Wraithcloak Guild: Cloaked figures with mysterious intentions.
  96. Xenon Vanguard: Protectors against extraterrestrial threats.
  97. Yokai Nexus: A connection to the realm of Japanese spirits.
  98. Zephyr Zealots: Devotees of wind and swift movement.
  99. Vigil Omnia – “Vigilant Everything”
  100. Vinum Veritas – “Wine of Truth

Good Discord Server Names

Not edgy nor tryhard, the Discord server names below are good for your online gaming clans. We searched for old groups, councils, and collectives in history. That’s why we believe you’ll love the name ideas below!

  1. Aegis Legion: Unyielding defenders, holding the line.
  2. Black Wolf Brigade: Stealthy warriors, striking fear at night.
  3. Crimson Ironclad: Blood-soaked warriors encased in unbreakable armor.
  4. Death’s Vanguard: Leading the charge into the heart of battle.
  5. Ember Reckoners: Setting enemies ablaze with fierce determination.
  6. Frostbite Phalanx: An icy force that freezes the opposition.
  7. Golden Saber Regiment: Masters of precision and grace in combat.
  8. Havoc Marauders: Chaos incarnate, leaving destruction in their wake.
  9. Iron Legionnaires: Forged in steel, unbreakable in battle.
  10. Jade Serpent Syndicate: Masters of deception and subterfuge.
  11. Kingslayer Company: Elite assassins, toppling thrones with skill.
  12. Lionheart Crusaders: Courageous souls on a holy quest.
  13. Maelstrom Mercenaries: A whirlwind of chaos brought to the highest bidder.
  14. Nightshade Assassins: Striking silently, leaving only shadows.
  15. Onyx Warband: Warriors of obsidian strength and resolve.
  16. Phoenix Legion: Rising from the ashes, stronger than before.
  17. Quicksilver Raiders: Swift and unpredictable, a raiding force like no other.
  18. Ravenwatch Battalion: Guardians of secrets, shadows, and strategy.
  19. Steelclad Brotherhood: Bound by honor, united in battle.
  20. Tempest Fury: Unleashing storms upon the battlefield.
  21. Undying Warlords: Defying death, they fight with unwavering resolve.
  22. Valkyrie Squadron: Guiding fallen warriors to their final glory.
  23. Warhound Tribe: Savage warriors with a primal ferocity.
  24. Xiphos Centurions: Disciplined soldiers, skilled in the art of the blade.
  25. Yggdrasil Warriors: Protecting the realms with ancient strength.
  26. Zephyr Recon: Swift scouts, masters of hit-and-fade tactics.
  27. Alpha Wolfpack: A tight-knit group with an alpha’s leadership.
  28. Berserker Horde: Unleashing berserk fury upon the battlefield.
  29. Centaur Cavalry: Half-man, half-horse, all warriors.
  30. Dreadnought Armada: A fleet of fearsome war machines.
  31. Eagle Eye Brigade: Sharpshooters with unparalleled precision.
  32. Frostbite Legion: Embracing the cold to become fierce warriors.
  33. Griffin Guard: A loyal group soaring high, watching over all.
  34. Harpy Harbingers: Winged warriors striking from above.
  35. Ironclad Phalanx: Unbreakable formation, a wall of shields and spears.
  36. Juggernaut Battalion: Implacable force, unstoppable momentum.
  37. Kestrel Knights: Swift and agile warriors mounted on birds of prey.
  38. Lancer Brigade: Charging forth with spears and honor.
  39. Minotaur Maulers: Half-bull, all fury on the battlefield.
  40. Nighthawk Squad: Silent operatives striking in the dark.
  41. Oathsworn Company: Bound by oaths, fighting for justice.
  42. Pegasus Patrol: Noble warriors riding celestial steeds.
  43. Quartermaster’s Legion: Managing logistics to win the war.
  44. Raptor Recon Unit: Quick and adaptable scouts with a predatory edge.
  45. Serpent Strikeforce: Striking with precision and venomous force.
  46. Titan Vanguard: Colossal warriors, shaking the earth with every step.
  47. Unicorn Battalion: Majestic beings, bringing magic to the battlefield.
  48. Vulture Vanguard: Scavengers turned fierce warriors.
  49. Warlock Covenant: Masters of dark magic and deadly spells.
  50. Xenophobe Division: Fearless warriors fighting to protect their realm.
  51. Whimsical Wanderers: For those who love to explore with a touch of whimsy.
  52. Lively Exchange: A vibrant community for friendly discussions.
  53. Serenity Haven: A peaceful oasis for relaxation and camaraderie.
  54. Cozy Chronicles: Sharing heartwarming stories and experiences.
  55. Echoing Echoes: Where thoughts and ideas resonate and reverberate.
  56. Sparkling Conversations: A place where conversations truly shine.
  57. Blossom Bonds: Cultivating connections and friendships.
  58. Radiant Realms: Exploring bright and enchanting virtual worlds.
  59. Harmony Haven: A harmonious space for like-minded souls.
  60. Whispering Woods: Where quiet conversations flourish like a forest breeze.
  61. Infinite Echoes: Where discussions continue to reverberate endlessly.
  62. Azure Ambitions: Embracing dreams and aspirations together.
  63. Gentle Guild: A guild of kindred spirits and gentle gamers.
  64. Charming Chats: A server filled with delightful and charming conversations.
  65. Petal Pals: A community of friends as close as flower petals.
  66. Enchanted Exchange: Where magical conversations are shared.
  67. Moonlit Musings: Sharing thoughts under the calming light of the moon.
  68. Golden Moments: Capturing and cherishing the best times together.
  69. Tranquil Trails: Embarking on serene journeys of discussion.
  70. Pleasant Pages: A server for sharing and discussing literature.
  71. Mellow Medley: Mixing together a variety of calm conversations.
  72. Velvet Voices: Where discussions flow as smoothly as velvet.
  73. Amiable Arcade: A friendly space for gamers to come together.
  74. Mirthful Meanderings: Wandering through cheerful discussions.
  75. Crystal Connections: Clear and genuine connections among members.
  76. Sunrise Syndicate: A collective rising together with positive vibes.
  77. Rustic Revelry: Enjoying simple and wholesome conversations.
  78. Luminous Lounge: A bright and inviting place to chat and relax.
  79. Cordial Cartography: Mapping out conversations with warmth and cordiality.
  80. Twilight Talks: Engaging in meaningful discussions as the day fades.
  81. Vivid Ventures: Exploring vibrant topics and ideas.
  82. Kindred Corner: A corner for kindred spirits to connect.
  83. Wise Whispers: Sharing wisdom and insights in hushed tones.
  84. Aurora Assembly: A gathering of diverse and colorful minds.
  85. Gentle Greetings: Welcoming each other with gentleness and warmth.
  86. Silken Synergy: A smooth and harmonious synergy of discussions.
  87. Harbor Harmonies: Finding harmony and unity in the server.
  88. Calm Currents: Riding the calm currents of soothing conversations.
  89. Cosmic Chatter: Discussing cosmic ideas and thoughts.
  90. Dusk Dialogue: Engaging in reflective discussions as the day ends.
  91. Benevolent Banter: Kind and good-natured banter among members.
  92. Sapphire Sociable: A sociable community as precious as sapphires.
  93. Pearl Parley: Conversations as valuable and cherished as pearls.
  94. Mirthful Mosaic: Piecing together joyful and diverse conversations.
  95. Polite Piazza: An elegant and polite gathering space.
  96. Cordial Canvas: Painting conversations with warmth and courtesy.
  97. Humble Harmony: Finding unity and harmony in modest discussions.
  98. Lavender Lounge: A fragrant and soothing place for discussions.
  99. Azure Amigos: Friendly pals conversing under the azure sky.
  100. Serene Symposium: An atmosphere of serenity for thoughtful discussions.

Gaming Discord Server Names

Now, let’s proceed with some gaming-inspired Discord server names. We’ve spent hours searching the games and reading wiki pages to come up with the list below. If you are a fan of even one of the series below, you already found yourself a server name!

  1. Aldmeri Dominion Enclave: A union of races under the Aldmeri banner (Elder Scrolls Online).
  2. Blades of Exile: Warriors seeking redemption and honor (The Elder Scrolls series).
  3. Crimson Brotherhood: A clan of fierce assassins (World of Warcraft).
  4. Dark Brotherhood Society: A secretive group of contract killers (Elder Scrolls series).
  5. Enclave Remnants: Survivors of the pre-war government (Fallout series).
  6. Freelancer Guild: Mercenaries for hire (Anthem).
  7. Ghosts of Tsushima: Warriors defending their island from invaders (Ghost of Tsushima).
  8. Helghast Regiment: The military force of the Helghan Empire (Killzone series).
  9. Imperial Legion: The military arm of the Cyrodilic Empire (Elder Scrolls series).
  10. Jedi Council: Guardians of peace in the Star Wars universe (Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order).
  11. Keepers of the Void: Guardians of balance in the Darksiders series.
  12. Lion’s Arch Order: A group protecting the city of Lion’s Arch (Guild Wars 2).
  13. Mages’ College: Institution of magical learning (Elder Scrolls series).
  14. Night’s Watch: Guardians defending against the threats beyond the wall (Game of Thrones).
  15. Overwatch Team: Heroes working together to maintain peace (Overwatch).
  16. Protectors of Azeroth: Defenders of the world in World of Warcraft.
  17. Quake Champions: Elite warriors competing in intense battles (Quake Champions).
  18. Red Eclipse Syndicate: A criminal organization in the Star Wars universe (The Old Republic).
  19. S.T.A.R.S. Division: Special forces unit combating bioterrorism (Resident Evil series).
  20. Thieves Guild: A network of skilled thieves (Elder Scrolls series).
  21. Uncharted Explorers: Adventurers discovering hidden treasures (Uncharted series).
  22. Vanguard Division: Elite soldiers at the forefront of battles (Destiny 2).
  23. Witcher Brotherhood: Monster hunters and warriors (The Witcher series).
  24. XCOM Squad: Earth’s last line of defense against alien threats (XCOM series).
  25. Yakuza: Criminal syndicate operating in modern Japan (Yakuza series).
  26. Zero Dawn Initiative: A project to save humanity (Horizon Zero Dawn).
  27. Apex Legends Squad: Competitors in the Apex Games (Apex Legends).
  28. Bloodborne Hunters: Slayers of nightmarish creatures in Yharnam (Bloodborne).
  29. Covenant of Blue: Protectors of the innocent in Dark Souls.
  30. Dawnguard Faction: Vampire hunters safeguarding Skyrim (Elder Scrolls V).
  31. Ebonheart Pact: Alliance of three races in the Elder Scrolls Online.
  32. Guild of Heroes: Adventurers seeking fame and fortune (Various RPGs).
  33. Hearthstone Guild: Explorers and adventurers in the Warcraft universe.
  34. Inquisition Order: Seekers of truth and justice (Dragon Age: Inquisition).
  35. Jarls of Skyrim: Rulers of holds in the province of Skyrim (Elder Scrolls V).
  36. Kombatants of Mortal Kombat: Fighters engaged in a legendary tournament (Mortal Kombat).
  37. Lantern Corps: Guardians of emotion-based power rings (DC Universe Online).
  38. Minutemen Militia: Volunteer defenders of the Commonwealth (Fallout 4).
  39. Nephalem Brotherhood: Nephalem warriors battling evil in Diablo series.
  40. Order of the Ancients: A secretive organization in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.
  41. Pathfinder Society: Explorers uncovering secrets across Golarion (Pathfinder).
  42. Quarian Flotilla: A fleet of migrant ships in the Mass Effect series.
  43. Resistance Faction: Fighters opposing oppressive regimes (Various games).
  44. Spartan Company: Soldiers of the UNSC in the Halo series.
  45. Templar Knights: Holy warriors defending the world from supernatural threats (The Secret World).
  46. Umbrella Corporation: Powerful pharmaceutical company with dark intentions (Resident Evil series).
  47. Viper Unit: A specialized task force in Metal Gear Solid V.
  48. Witchwood Coven: A group of witches and warlocks in various games.
  49. Xenonauts Initiative: Defenders against extraterrestrial invasion (Xenonauts).
  50. Yig-Society of Yog-Sothoth: Devotees of cosmic entities in various Lovecraftian games.
  51. Zerg Swarm: Alien species overwhelming planets (StarCraft series).
  52. Aegis Division: Elite defenders of the realm (Various games).
  53. Biotic Brawlers: Fighters with biotic abilities (Mass Effect series).
  54. Covenant of Steel: A sacred brotherhood of knights (Fallout series).
  55. Death’s Emissaries: Servants of death, reaping souls (Various games).
  56. Enclave Outcasts: Rebels against the Enclave’s tyranny (Fallout 3).
  57. Frostwardens: Protectors of the frozen North (World of Warcraft).
  58. Galactic Starhunters: Explorers of the cosmos (No Man’s Sky).
  59. Hellknights Order: Enforcers of law through intimidation (Pathfinder: Kingmaker).
  60. Iron Legion: Mercenaries and adventurers (Guild Wars 2).
  61. Jester’s Guild: Tricksters and entertainers (Elder Scrolls Online).
  62. Kai’Sa Collective: Devotees of a void-based champion (League of Legends).
  63. Ludus Gladiators: Gladiators trained for combat (Ryse: Son of Rome).
  64. Mechanist Guild: Engineers and inventors (Various games).
  65. NecroMancers Society: Masters of necromantic arts (Diablo series).
  66. Order of the Lotus: Protectors of balance and harmony (Warframe).
  67. Pyromancer’s Coven: Pyromancers specializing in fire magic (Dark Souls).
  68. Queen’s Guard: Royal protectors (Destiny series).
  69. Rangers of the Wild: Protectors of nature and wildlife (The Witcher 3).
  70. Sentinels Alliance: Guardians of peace and justice (Warframe).
  71. Thunderfury Clan: Warriors harnessing the power of thunder (Various games).
  72. Undead Legion: Undying warriors seeking conquest (Dark Souls series).
  73. Vigilant Watchers: Sentinels against supernatural threats (The Secret World).
  74. Wolf Pack: Loyal companions and fierce fighters (Various games).
  75. Xenoblade Society: Guardians of the powerful Xenoblade weapon (Xenoblade Chronicles).
  76. Yggdrasil’s Guardians: Protectors of the world tree (Norse mythology in games).
  77. Zephyr Knights: Warriors harnessing the power of wind (Various games).
  78. Apex Hunters: Seekers of supremacy in battle royale games.
  79. Blackguard Syndicate: Criminal organization in various games.
  80. Crimson Mercenaries: Mercenary group with a reputation for ruthlessness.
  81. Deathwing’s Brood: Servants of the dragon aspect of death (World of Warcraft).
  82. Emerald Enforcers: Guardians of the emerald dream (World of Warcraft).
  83. Frostbite Outriders: Explorers of icy landscapes (Outriders).
  84. Ghost Recon Team: Elite special forces operatives (Ghost Recon series).
  85. Hellfire Cult: Followers of demonic powers (Various games).
  86. Inkling Society: Community of ink-based characters (Splatoon).
  87. Judicator’s Order: Keepers of law and justice (Various games).
  88. Kingsguard: Elite protectors of royalty (Various games).
  89. Lone Wanderers: Independent explorers and adventurers (Fallout series).
  90. Mechwarrior Clan: Pilots of massive battle mechs (MechWarrior series).
  91. Necropolis Collective: Necromancers and their undead minions (Various games).
  92. Oblivion Cult: Devotees of chaos and oblivion (The Elder Scrolls series).
  93. Path of the Outlaw: Outlaws and renegades (Red Dead Redemption 2).
  94. Quenya Questers: Adventurers embarking on epic quests (The Lord of the Rings Online).
  95. Rogue Squadron: Elite starfighter pilots (Star Wars: Rogue Squadron series).
  96. Shadow Assassins: Silent killers lurking in the shadows (Various games).
  97. Terracotta Titans: Warriors with earth-based abilities (Various games).
  98. Unicorn Defenders: Protectors of purity and light (Various games).
  99. Vulcan’s Forge: Blacksmiths and craftsmen (Various games).
  100. Warpriest Syndicate: Devotees of divine powers, ready to smite evil (Various games).

Funny Discord Server Names

If you’re not into the ones above, we listed a ton of funny Discord server names. They come up with puns and references to the pop culture. If you need some light-hearted and humorous names, you’re in for a treat. Let’s dive in!

  1. Apocalypse Chowdown: For those preparing for the end times with a side of humor.
  2. Banana Stand Union: We’re not just selling bananas; we’re selling an idea.
  3. Caffeine Cartel: Fueling friendships with the power of coffee.
  4. Dino-Mighty Crew: Because who doesn’t love dinosaurs and puns?
  5. Epic Fail Society: Where we embrace failure like a misunderstood art form.
  6. Fryin’ Nemo Friends: Because fish are friends, not just food.
  7. Gnome Man’s Land: A realm where gnomes make all the rules.
  8. Hitchhiker’s Galaxy: Grab your towel and join us for some interstellar banter.
  9. Infinite Loop Legends: Debugging life, one joke at a time.
  10. Jellybean Jamboree: Because life’s sweeter when you’re bouncing around.
  11. Kung Fu Fruit Squad: Fruits trained in martial arts, fighting the good fight.
  12. Llama Drama Lovers: Where drama’s just a woolly llama in disguise.
  13. Meme Team Assemble: Uniting under the sacred banner of humor.
  14. Nacho Average Crew: Crunchy, cheesy, and ready to spice things up.
  15. Omelette Overlords: Breaking eggs and taking names since forever.
  16. Penguin Platoon: Waddling into adventures with comedic flair.
  17. Quest for the Holy Grin: In search of the legendary eternal smile.
  18. Ramen Renegades: Slurping our way through life’s quirks and quarks.
  19. Sausage Symphony: We’re not just links; we’re musical harmonies.
  20. Toast Titans United: We rise, we crunch, and we spread joy.
  21. Undercover Pineapples: When pineapples go incognito for fun and mystery.
  22. Viking Kittens Clan: Fearless felines raiding with cuteness and claws.
  23. Waffle Wizards Guild: Casting delicious spells on breakfast since forever.
  24. X-Ray Visionaries: Seeing through life’s absurdities with a humorous lens.
  25. Yeti Yarn Yodelers: Bigfoot’s got nothing on our sense of humor.
  26. Zombie Apocalypse Pals: Bonding over a love for the undead and puns.
  27. Avocado Avengers: Fighting for justice and guacamole in equal measure.
  28. Burger Brigade: Uniting for the pursuit of the perfect burger bite.
  29. Captain Crunch Crew: Sailing the sea of cereal and laughter.
  30. Doughnut Diviners: Predicting future flavors and sprinkles.
  31. Eggcellent Adventure: For egg-citing times and yolks of laughter.
  32. Flamingo Flamenco: Dancing birds, catchy tunes, and a dash of salsa.
  33. Gummy Bear Gang: We stick together, chew on problems, and bounce back.
  34. Hilarious Hijinks Hideout: Where pranks and giggles run wild.
  35. Ice Cream Illuminati: The cold truth is, ice cream solves everything.
  36. Jellyfish Jokers Cove: Where stings turn into side-splitting laughter.
  37. Koala Komedy Koop: Our eucalyptus-fueled comedy knows no bounds.
  38. Lobster Laff Riot: Because crustaceans can be claw-some comedians.
  39. Monkey Business Hub: Where humor is our daily bananas.
  40. Noodle Ninjas Network: Slurping noodles, mastering humor – no big deal.
  41. Octo-Pun Society: Eight arms, infinite puns, and a splash of ink.
  42. Pizza Pizzazz Palace: A slice of life with extra cheesy punchlines.
  43. Quokka Quips Quarters: The cutest critters delivering the funniest lines.
  44. Robot Rumble Roost: Where artificial intelligence meets artificial hilarity.
  45. Silly Sock Syndicate: Pairs of socks, pairs of laughs – it’s a match!
  46. Taco Tambourine Tribe: Shaking up jokes, tacos, and good times.
  47. Unicorn Unleashed: A world of magical laughter, one hoof at a time.
  48. Vampire Vineyard: Sipping on humor, with a dash of red.
  49. Wombat Witfest: Bouncing jokes around like playful wombats.
  50. Xtreme Xylophone Crew: Because music and puns are both instruments of joy.
  51. Aetherial Nexus Collective: Where ethereal realms intertwine in unpredictable ways.
  52. Bardic Moonlit Mischief: A symphony of laughter under the silver moon.
  53. Celestial Whimsy Wonderland: A realm of celestial delights and playful wonders.
  54. Dreamweaver’s Delirium: Where dreams dance and reality blurs in a kaleidoscope.
  55. Ephemeral Enigma Enclave: A fleeting haven for enigmatic souls to gather.
  56. Fae Echo Chamber: A chamber where echoes of the fae’s laughter linger.
  57. Galactic Giggles Galaxy: A cosmic playground of laughter and starry tales.
  58. Harmony of Ha-ha Heights: Where harmonious laughter reaches sublime heights.
  59. Infinity’s Imaginarium: A realm where imagination has no boundaries.
  60. Jestful Jamboree Junction: A junction of jests, jokes, and joyous jubilations.
  61. Kaleidoscopic Chuckle Cove: A cove filled with ever-shifting laughter.
  62. Lullaby Lagoon Lounge: A serene lagoon where laughter is the lullaby.
  63. Mirthquake Manor: A manor shaking with the tremors of uproarious mirth.
  64. Nebula Nonsense Nexus: A nexus where cosmic nonsense is the norm.
  65. Orchestrated Guffaw Garden: A garden where guffaws are conducted like symphonies.
  66. Pandemonium Peculiar Parlor: A parlor where delightful pandemonium reigns.
  67. Quizzical Quip Quarters: Quarters where quips and quizzes collide.
  68. Rhapsody of Roars Retreat: A retreat where roars of laughter compose a rhapsody.
  69. Silly Serendipity Sanctuary: A sanctuary where silly serendipities thrive.
  70. Twinkle Toes Titter Terrace: A terrace where titters twinkle like stars.
  71. Unreal Uproar Universe: An unreal universe filled with uproarious tales.
  72. Vivid Vortex of Vaudeville: A vortex swirling with vibrant vaudevillian vibes.
  73. Whimsical Whirlwind Wharf: A whimsical wharf where laughter rides the wind.
  74. Xanadu Exultation Expanse: An expanse of Xanadu where exultations echo.
  75. Yarnspinner’s Yip Yard: A yard where yarns spin into yips of laughter.
  76. Absurdity Abyss Assembly: An assembly delving into the depths of absurdity.
  77. Baffoonery Bonanza Bastion: A bastion of baffoonery and bonanzas.
  78. Cosmic Cackle Cosmos: A cosmic expanse resonating with cosmic cackles.
  79. Drollery Dance Domain: A domain where drollery dances in every corner.
  80. Eccentric Echo Echoes: Echoes of eccentricity reverberating endlessly.
  81. Folly Fiesta Fortress: A fortress fortified with folly and festive fiestas.
  82. Gigglesnort Galaxy Guild: A guild where gigglesnorts rule the stars.
  83. Hilarious Hodgepodge Haven: A haven of hilarious hodgepodge moments.
  84. Infinite Jest Isles: Isles where infinite jests ebb and flow.
  85. Joviality Junction Junction: A junction where joviality meets at every turn.
  86. Kooky Kaleidoscope Keep: A keep guarding a kooky kaleidoscope of laughter.
  87. Laughter Lunatic Lagoon: A lagoon where laughter transforms into lunacy.
  88. Madcap Merriment Manor: A manor brimming with madcap merriment.
  89. Nonsensical Nook Nook: A cozy nook filled with nonsensical delights.
  90. Outlandish Oddity Oasis: An oasis of outlandish oddities in the desert of reason.
  91. Playful Paradox Portico: A portico where playful paradoxes reign supreme.
  92. Quirky Quirk Quarters: Quarters overflowing with quirky quirkiness.
  93. Rambunctious Rhapsody Retreat: A retreat where rambunctious rhapsodies roam.
  94. Silly Symphony Sphere: A sphere resonating with a silly symphony of sound.
  95. Topsy-Turvy Titter Terrace: A terrace where topsy-turvy titters tumble.
  96. Unconventional Uproar Universe: An unconventional universe of uproar.
  97. Vivid Vaudeville Vista: A vista painted with vivid vaudeville scenes.
  98. Whimsy Whirlwind Wharf: A wharf where whimsy whirlwinds gather.
  99. Xylophone Xenodochium: A place of xenodochium where xylophones play.
  100. Yippity Yarn Yurt: A yurt filled with yippity yarns of laughter.

Great Discord Server Names

Looking for some funny and great name ideas for your Discord server? Well, the ones below are profoundly goofy and quite funny. Feel free to pick one right away!

Curious how we came up with this list? Well, do check out our piece on how to find a great nickname!

  1. Absurdly Amusing Abode
  2. Binge-Watching Bonanza
  3. Couch Potato Collective
  4. Dad Joke Depot
  5. Epic Fail Fellowship
  6. Fluffy Pillow Productions
  7. Giggles Galore Gathering
  8. Hilarious Hangout Haven
  9. Improv Comedy Corner
  10. Jestful Junction
  11. Kooky Laughter Kingdom
  12. Lighthearted Lounge
  13. Meme Magic Manor
  14. Netflix & Chuckles
  15. Oddball Oasis
  16. Prankster’s Paradise
  17. Quirky Quips Quorum
  18. Ridiculous Ramble Realm
  19. Silly Shenanigans Syndicate
  20. Tickle Fight Territory
  21. Ultimate Comedy Clubhouse
  22. Viral Vines Venue
  23. Whimsical Wit World
  24. Xtreme Xtreme Jokes
  25. Yuk-Yuk Yard
  26. Zany Zone
  27. Awkward Yet Amusing
  28. Banter Boulevard
  29. Comedic Catastrophe
  30. Dramatic Irony Den
  31. Eccentric Entertainment
  32. Fool’s Gold Forum
  33. Guffaw Galaxy
  34. Hysterical Haven
  35. Impromptu Imprints
  36. Jester’s Junction
  37. Knock-Knock Kafe
  38. Lolapalooza Lounge
  39. Madcap Mirth Meeting
  40. Nonsensical Nirvana
  41. Outrageous Outtakes Oasis
  42. Punny Punchline Plaza
  43. Quick Quip Quarters
  44. Retro Roast Retreat
  45. Sidesplitter Sanctuary
  46. Tongue-in-Cheek Terrace
  47. Unscripted Universe
  48. Viral Videos Vault
  49. Wacky Wisdom Ward
  50. Xtreme Xtreme Laughs
  51. Yikes! Y’all Laughed
  52. Zigzag Zingers Zone
  53. Amusing Anecdote Asylum
  54. Bizarre Banter Barn
  55. Comedy Central Station
  56. Droll Dialogue Domain
  57. Eccentricity Enclave
  58. Funtastic Folly Fort
  59. Gaggle of Giggles
  60. Haha Hideaway
  61. Ironic Insight Inn
  62. Jovial Joke Junction
  63. Kooky Chuckle Corner
  64. Laugh Riot Realm
  65. Mirthful Moments Manor
  66. Nonsensical Nook
  67. Outlandish Oddities Oasis
  68. Pun Paradise Plaza
  69. Quip Quest Quarters
  70. Rambunctious Roast Retreat
  71. Sarcastic Satire Spot
  72. Teehee Terrace
  73. Unpredictable Parodies Place
  74. Viral Laughter Vault
  75. Whimsy Wonderland
  76. Xtreme Xtreme Hilarity
  77. Yay for Yucks Yard
  78. Zany Zeppelin
  79. Amusing Adventure Annex
  80. Bonkers Banter Base
  81. Comic Relief Corner
  82. Dazzlingly Dumb Domain
  83. Epic Entertaining Escape
  84. Frolicsome Funny Farm
  85. Giggle Gang Getaway
  86. Hilarious Hijinks Hideout
  87. Ironic Oasis
  88. Jolly Joke Joint
  89. Kaleidoscope of Kicks
  90. Lighthearted Laughs Lodge
  91. Mirthful Memory Manor
  92. Nonsensical Narrative Nest
  93. Oddball Odyssey
  94. Pun-tastic Playground
  95. Quirky Quirk Quarters
  96. Riotous Roast Refuge
  97. Silly Snickers Spot
  98. Ticklish Territory
  99. Uproarious Universe
  100. Vibrant Vibe Venue

Wrapping Up

Here’s your list of good Discord server names. Whether you need them for a gaming server or a roleplay group, these should be perfect!

Also, have a look at the best gamertag ideas that will make your friends jealous.

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