Best Character Names for Games – 200+ Cool Gaming Names

Here are the best character names that you can use in various games. Inspired by popular culture, iconic books and movies, here are more than 150 gaming names.

Nicknames are like identity cards that represent us on the internet. They also help our friends recognize in online communities. We also choose names when creating new characters in a certain game. Naturally, we want our character name to look great and give cool vibes. Whether it is an FPS game or an MMORPG, the name you pick for your character will stick with you for some time.

So before you move on with a solid nickname have a look at our diverse list of nicknames. From Diablo to Lord of the Rings and Warhammer to Harry Potter, we compiled cool character names to provide you with the ultimate list.

Moreover, you will also find a quick guide in our post. Have a look at it learn some tricks to come up with a great nickname for games. Here is the ultimate list of great, cool, and badass character names for games.

Do note that these nicknames are not taken and they are entirely unique. But other players can be faster than you. So let’s jump into it and find the most suitable gaming name for your char.

Before you jump into that, check out our game names list as well!

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Cool Character Names (Not Taken)

Having a cool character name is essential. Whether you are playing World of Warcraft or creating a new char in Lost Ark, you need a great game name to make sure your allies and enemies know you.

  • Vulrend
  • Werunth
  • Harelath
  • Zuroth
  • Dorath
  • Sharian
  • Maiel
  • Melron
  • Melkorn
  • Meralia
  • Galeron
  • Dalior
  • Oristor
  • Yverath
  • Deraldorion
  • Doriolin
  • Melion
  • Turimbar
  • Turin
  • Reolath
  • Theolas
  • Eoner
  • Eoren
  • Alwund
  • Tarathiel
  • Throk
  • Eldron
  • Eltharien
  • Elthar
  • Relath
  • Garndal
  • Vuldred
  • Njorn
  • Perulian
  • Loruthan

Fantasy Character Names for Games – Unique

best character names for games

These are some of the names inspired by the Warhammer universe. We also added character names from Middle-earth and other fictional fantasy worlds. You might as well see

  • Hurnon
  • Kraleun
  • Zalekuth
  • Gwarin
  • Gweaulh
  • Aeteluf
  • Aetelwulf
  • Odrennus
  • Odyssenus
  • Odessarus
  • Odirelfus
  • Odyessia
  • Zeraph
  • Leraph
  • Celestian
  • Isenrod
  • Arraniel
  • Gilfasnor
  • Karthelun
  • Lerhuan
  • Eltarimel
  • Eldaren
  • Feranor
  • Lurienn
  • Rayalu
  • Lucaria
  • Lucerna
  • Melanith
  • Miquela
  • Reelith

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How to come up with the best gaming name?

If you are asking yourself “what should I name my character?” just have a brief look at our short guide.

All of our recommendations in this best character names list are inspired by other works of entertainment. Take Lord of the Rings for example, and remember a character from the series.

Try adding new letters to the word and make it original. Instead of going with Aragorn, try fusing it with other words and change it into Naragorn instead. See, that’s how easy it is. It still sounds cool and it also feels like it is the name of a distant relative of Aragorn. That’s how you can come up with the best game character name.

Sci-fi Themed Names for Games – Star Wars

Let’s say you are playing EVE Online or just started playing Warframe. You will need a great name as you discover the deep space. Here are science-fiction-themed gaming names from Star Wars, Warhammer 40K and many more.

These are also the best character names for PUBG or Fortnite.

  • Fearnur
  • Belatur
  • Scerath
  • Zuroth
  • Haulkrim
  • Blakowic
  • Noraeth
  • Zeneath
  • Beranzuh
  • Deunex
  • Oriun
  • Orium
  • Orenuth
  • Arngrim
  • Thrud
  • Eiren
  • Creazul
  • Rowanth
  • Reana
  • Odrelans
  • Tanimo
  • Farathiel
  • Barathael
  • Alpheruon
  • Olfegus
  • Omegrus
  • Alfagron
  • Betagrus
  • Cennador
  • Yradrus
  • Elragand
  • Gronath

How to change your character name in a game?

It is normal to get bored of our nicknames and want to change them later on. Fortunately, some games or services allow you to change your character name. Whereas games like League of Legends charge you for this feature.

Here’s what you need to know about changing usernames:

  • Have a look at the settings of your account to see whether you can get a new game name.
  • Some video game companies offer free username changes. So double-check your inventory to make sure you don’t miss that.
  • If you are playing an MMORPG, you probably won’t be able to get a new game. As online titles save your character data as unchangeable files.
  • Visit the store of the game in case a username change feature is on sale.

The username policies of games and services have various differences. So try going with the best character name for games so that you don’t want to change it afterward. Unfortunately, only get one shot in most video games. That’s why you should exhaustively search for the best character names to use the perfect one.

Cool Character Names for MMORPGs

best character names for games

Let’s say you are new to Lost Ark and ready to discover its magical land. Instead of having a name like DarkPlayerx55, try going with LegatusHerath. It does sound like a cool game character name.

It sounds a lot better and it also feels like it is the name of a young hero. Now you can discover the land of Arkesia with some of the best character names.

  • Irlibean
  • Fernuth
  • Leralizh
  • Kherut
  • Zehnut
  • Harkoth
  • Roatuh
  • Erath
  • Alasdain
  • Alstair
  • Doreas
  • Ciarah
  • Ruthlund
  • Korunth
  • Zerania
  • Blaidd
  • Geruth
  • Reath
  • Ulraz
  • Aidean
  • Argylon
  • Argywon
  • Aelund
  • Realuny
  • Yzeruth
  • Serath
  • Zeriath
  • Grond
  • Magnuz
  • Sardaukar

You are free to choose all of the unique names above. They are mostly inspired by various fictional universes.

Best Female Character Names

If you are looking for the best female gaming names you will love the ones on our list. The names below often end with the letter -a. That’s because it gives the word a more feminine tone, making it fit for female characters. You will often see that most NPCs in video games have similar names. Without further ado, let us show you the best character names for women.

  • Letahlia
  • Dorebella
  • Fenaoda
  • Helina
  • Christa
  • Syluria
  • Lenthea
  • Hannelia
  • Polmenia
  • Dissolia
  • Morenia
  • Alorissa
  • Katelia
  • Amolia
  • Loraia
  • Nelaia
  • Milicent
  • Nelaia
  • Elanie
  • Ellania
  • Julina
  • Cestedes
  • Chriloa
  • Sabrania
  • Chrislona
  • Dylina
  • Mearlah
  • Sebralin
  • Cebraliron
  • Chrisoris

Best Girl Names for Gaming

cool game character names

If you are a fellow gamer ready to join the fun, find the most suitable name for your character on our list. We compiled the cool character names for girls. Though beware of toxicity in various online games where other players pick up on female players.

Do not forget to report another player if they are making you uncomfortable. This especially happens to female gamers as their gaming names can reveal their gender. Which is something that should have been considered normal, if you ask us. But people are just… people.

  • Dylona
  • Rinnesha
  • Chrisline
  • Chricia
  • Kesselina
  • Saralia
  • Verunia
  • Ilgoria
  • Duyolira
  • Kerolia
  • Efolia
  • Karamalia
  • Aliennelle
  • Gellania
  • Osieth
  • Reloana
  • Matrolia
  • Trinio
  • Neolitha
  • Oceanira
  • Alrinia
  • Zeloria
  • Alerinth
  • Memolia
  • Eralina
  • Ozeglia
  • Batulina
  • Ahalia
  • Dlynn
  • Iserith

Best Movie Character Names

Movies are also a great source if you are looking for a great nickname for games. Especially movies in fantasy and sci-fi genres are amazing for best character names for games.

  • CarterWard
  • DexJohn
  • CarlRon
  • MiguelZax
  • LunaGood
  • RonReath
  • SandyDil
  • RoseDeVito
  • McCallister
  • JaxSparrow
  • AnnWilkes
  • MaxRocket
  • Kowalski
  • McLellen
  • VaderDart
  • KalPacino
  • MonyRontana
  • StrangeLove
  • BenJamin
  • Malfoy
  • HarryMitchum
  • TerryBrando
  • ElliotRamek
  • JacquesSellers
  • EdwardDepp
  • ScissorHands
  • AlanSwann
  • Leboewski
  • Hunsker
  • FranBooth
  • HowKrueger
  • DexterZon
  • ScottJacks
  • JoshHollow

These are the best fictional character names if you want to create a char based on movies.

Well, these are some of the coolest gaming and character names we have. Pick one and create your char right away. Most of them are badass names for your heroes or champions. You might as well be going for a villain char. Fortunately, we update the ultimate list of character names to keep new names coming at your way.

We hope you have a ton of fun and the best of luck in your gaming adventures.

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