+500 Best Spanish Nicknames for Gaming (Funny and Fantastic!)

If you are looking for some Spanish nicknames to use in games, we’ve got your back! Here’s our list of over 200 nicknames in Spanish for gaming.

We use various nicknames in online gaming to reflect our personality to other gamers.

This is why they are so important – they make up our online identity.

Therefore, many gamers opt for nicknames that are out of the box. They look for cooler options.

Using a foreign language is one of the most common ways to achieve that. So, we are here to give you just that.

Here is our categorized list of hundreds of Spanish nicknames. Surely you can find something for your taste, so suit yourself!

Before we start, if you are here for another language, don’t forget to visit our list of German nicknames for gaming.

Gaming Nicknames

Funny Spanish Nicknames

If you want your fellow gamers to get a good laugh out of your name, check out the Spanish nicknames down below!

  1. Tacolino: Little taco
  2. Tequilazo: Big shot of tequila
  3. Churroman: Churro man
  4. CaraCola: Combines “caracol” (snail) with “cola” (soda or tail).
  5. CeraCerca: Sounds like “search a cera” (search a wax) but means “wax nearby”.
  6. NadaLado: Sounds like “nadalado” but means “nothing side” or “swim side”.
  7. PastaDiente: Combines “pasta” (pasta or dough) with “diente” (tooth) as a pun on toothpaste.
  8. PieRata: Combines “pie” (foot) with “pirata” (pirate).
  9. PezaDilla: Sounds like “pesadilla” (nightmare) but “peza” isn’t a word, making it a pun.
  10. Chilango: Person from Mexico City (also used colloquially to describe someone in a playful manner)
  11. Chilindrino: Blend of “chile” (pepper) and “peregrino” (pilgrim)
  12. Cafecito: Little coffee
  13. Bailarín: Dancer
  14. Limonsillo: Little lime
  15. Paellero: One who makes paella
  16. Mañanero: Morning person (or a reference to something done early in the morning)
  17. Margaritón: Big margarita
  18. Fiestero: Party animal
  19. Tamalito: Little tamale
  20. Cervantito: Little Cervantes (like the famous author)
  21. Sonrisón: Big smile
  22. Dormilón: Big sleeper
  23. MesaRed: Mix of “mesa” (table) and “red” (network). A networking table?
  24. RicoTón: Blends “rico” (rich or tasty) with “tono” (tone or shade). A rich tone?
  25. HoraLuz: “Hora” (hour) and “luz” (light). Hour of light?
  26. SalsaRio: Mixes “salsa” (sauce or dance) with “río” (river). A dance by the river?
  27. AlmaCena: Plays on “almacén” (storehouse) but breaks down to “alma” (soul) and “cena” (dinner).
  28. GrisTema: Combines “gris” (gray) with “sistema” (system). A gray system?
  29. PelusaLoca: Fluffy madness.
  30. ChispaDorada: Golden spark.
  31. Galletita: Little cookie.
  32. TraviesoRayo: Mischievous ray.
  33. Risitas: Little giggles.
  34. BailaZapato: Dancing shoe.
  35. ChurroLargo: Long churro.
  36. NubeSaltarina: Jumping cloud.
  37. OrejasVoladoras: Flying ears.
  38. ZapatitoRojo: Little red shoe.
  39. BurritoVeloz: Speedy little burro.
  40. CielitoDanzante: Dancing little sky.
  41. RayitoFugaz: Fleeting little ray.
  42. CorazónAlocado: Wild heart.
  43. EstrellitaBrillante: Shiny little star.
  44. Sombrerito: Little hat.
  45. PequeñoVolcán: Little volcano.
  46. Lunarcito: Little moon spot.
  47. PajaritoCantante: Singing little bird.
  48. Tesorito: Little treasure.
  49. ToroPico: Merges “toro” (bull) with “tropico” (tropic). A bull from the tropics?
  50. BesoFrio: Blends “beso” (kiss) with “frío” (cold). A cold kiss?
  51. MiraSol: “Mira” (look or sight) combined with “sol” (sun). Look at the sun!
  52. CieloRaso: Merges “cielo” (sky or heaven) with “raso” (smooth). Smooth sky?
  53. Soñadorcito: Little dreamer
  54. Glotón: Glutton
  55. Chiquitín: Tiny one
  56. Salsita: Little salsa
  57. Nachito: Little nacho
  58. Burritazo: Big burrito
  59. Sombrerudo: Someone who wears big hats
  60. Mojadito: Little wet one (also a playful reference to mojito)
  61. Risitas: Little laughs
  62. HuevónChido: Combines “Huevón” (lazybones) with “Chido” (cool). The meaning is like “Cool Lazybones”.
  63. SinCuevas: A play on “Sin huevos” which means “without courage” but “cuevas” means caves. So, it means “without caves”.
  64. FelízGrande: A play on “Feliz” (happy) and “Feo y grande” (ugly and big).
  65. SiEsTú: Sounds like “siesta” (nap) but translates to “If it’s you”.
  66. TortuLento: Combines “Tortuga” (turtle) with “lento” (slow).
  67. CalmaTé: Sounds like “calmate” (calm down) but separates into “calma” and “té” (tea) as if saying “calm, tea”.
  68. CampeónSinTrofeo: Means “Champion without a trophy”. Just a playful jest.
  69. FalsoFuerte: A play on “also fuerte” (also strong) and “falso” (false).
  70. SalChicha: Sounds like “salchicha” (sausage) but separates into “sal” (leave) and “chicha” (a colloquial term for beer in some regions).
  71. CuandoPido: Sounds like “cuan depido” (how fast) but means “when I ask”.
  72. GatoRado: Combines “gato” (cat) with “rápido” (fast) to sound like the brand “Gatorade”.
  73. PanTalla: Sounds like “pantalla” (screen) but means “bread forehead”.
  74. VinoBueno: Plays on “vino” (wine) and “vino bueno” (he/she came good).
  75. MásCaras: Sounds like “máscaras” (masks) but means “more faces”.
  76. LuzTerna: Combines “luz” (light) with “linterna” (lantern). A light from a lantern.
  77. LunaTico: Sounds like “lunático” (lunatic) but emphasizes “luna” (moon) and “tico” (common nickname for Costa Ricans).
  78. VerDuras: Plays on “verduras” (vegetables) but splits into “ver” (to see) and “duras” (hard).
  79. PanTano: Combines “pan” (bread) with “pantano” (swamp). Swampy bread?
  80. VinoRama: Combines “vino” (wine or came) with “panorama”. A wine view or one who came to see.
  81. FlorTuna: Blends “flor” (flower) with “fortuna” (fortune). Fortune’s flower?
  82. OroMiel: Mixes “oro” (gold) with “romero” (rosemary) but emphasizes “miel” (honey). Golden honey.
  83. AguaDulce: “Agua” (water) and “dulce” (sweet). Sweet water.
  84. NubeVez: Sounds like “nube” (cloud) combined with “tal vez” (maybe). Cloudy maybe?
  85. Platicador: Chatterbox
  86. Ronquidito: Little snorer
  87. Bromista: Joker
  88. Relámpago: Lightning (can be a fun nickname for someone who does things quickly)
  89. Perezosín: Little lazy one
  90. Chismosito: Little gossip
  91. Comelón: Big eater
  92. Narizoncito: Little big nose
  93. Chistín: Little joke
  94. Lloroncito: Little crybaby
  95. Miedica: Scaredy-cat
  96. Rapidín: Speedy one
  97. Desvelado: Sleepless one
  98. Cabezón: Big-headed
  99. Saltarín: Jumper or hopper
  100. PlatoNico: Sounds like “platónico” (platonic) but emphasizes “plato” (plate). Non-romantic dinner?

sombra overwatch

If you want to create unique nicknames with a touch of Spanish language, check out our random nickname generator!

Sweaty Spanish Nicknames

If you want to show how hard you are to your opponents with your nickname, then you must opt for a sweaty, standoffish option. Well, we have got just that for you below.

Here are the most sweaty Spanish nicknames.

  1. VenganzaEterna: Eternal Vengeance.
  2. NubeInversa: Reverse Cloud.
  3. PezVolador: Flying Fish.
  4. SonrisaTóxica: Toxic Smile.
  5. OjoDelEclipse: Eye of the Eclipse.
  6. AlmaDePiedra: Soul of Stone.
  7. SueñoReal: Real Dream.
  8. LagrimaDeSol: Sun’s Tear.
  9. BrisaQueCorta: Cutting Breeze.
  10. SilencioGritante: Screaming Silence.
  11. DulceEspina: Sweet Thorn.
  12. GuardiánDeSombras: Shadow Guardian.
  13. TiranoImparable: Unstoppable Tyrant.
  14. Fuego: Fire.
  15. TémpanoFeroz: Fierce Iceberg.
  16. CentinelaOscura: Dark Sentinel.
  17. CazadorNocturno: Night Hunter.
  18. RocaInamovible: Immovable Rock.
  19. MáscaraDeMuerte: Mask of Death.
  20. FuegoAvengador: Avenging Fire.
  21. Tirano: Tyrant.
  22. Eclipse: Eclipse.
  23. Viento: Wind.
  24. Centella: Spark.
  25. EspírituArdiente: Burning Spirit.
  26. Cadena: Chain.
  27. NocheSerena: Calm Night.
  28. Grito: Shout.
  29. TorreOscura: Dark Tower.
  30. Sable: Saber.
  31. MantoEstelar: Starry Mantle.
  32. Ciclo: Cycle.
  33. RelámpagoOculto: Hidden Lightning.
  34. Rueda: Wheel.
  35. AlaSiniestra: Sinister Wing.
  36. Cresta: Crest.
  37. MarcaDelViento: Mark of the Wind.
  38. Rayo: Beam.
  39. CazadorDelAlba: Dawn Hunter.
  40. Pulso: Pulse.
  41. LaberintoEterno: Eternal Labyrinth.
  42. Aire: Air.
  43. SelloDeFuego: Fire Seal.
  44. Clavo: Nail.
  45. PesadillaViviente: Living Nightmare.
  46. ColosoInmortal: Immortal Colossus.
  47. DientesDeAcero: Steel Teeth.
  48. EcoFantasma: Phantom Echo.
  49. MiradaDeFuego: Fire Gaze.
  50. Temblor: Tremor.
  51. Cuchilla: Blade.
  52. Rayo: Lightning.
  53. Bravo: Fierce.
  54. CieloCae: Falling Sky.
  55. DesiertoFlotante: Floating Desert.
  56. CantoMudo: Mute Song.
  57. RosaDeHielo: Ice Rose.
  58. LuzEnSombras: Light in Shadows.
  59. TiempoLíquido: Liquid Time.
  60. CorazónAéreo: Airborne Heart.
  61. VozQuebrada: Broken Voice.
  62. LlamaradaFría: Cold Blaze.
  63. MariposaInvisible: Invisible Butterfly.
  64. Lobo: Wolf.
  65. Sombra: Shadow.
  66. Roca: Rock.
  67. AceroInquebrantable: Unbreakable Steel.
  68. RelámpagoMortal: Deadly Lightning.
  69. FuriaInfernal: Infernal Fury.
  70. TormentaSilente: Silent Storm.
  71. LoboSolitario: Lone Wolf.
  72. EspadaNegra: Black Sword.
  73. Furia: Fury.
  74. Acero: Steel.
  75. Veneno: Poison.
  76. Fantasma: Ghost.
  77. Gélido: Icy.
  78. Tormento: Torment.
  79. Aullido: Howl.
  80. Bala: Bullet.
  81. SableOculto: Hidden Saber.
  82. Aliento: Breath.
  83. SombríoViento: Dark Wind.
  84. Puño: Fist.
  85. LuzTenebrosa: Sinister Light.
  86. Trueno: Thunder.
  87. GuardiánErrante: Wandering Guardian.
  88. Rastro: Trace.
  89. CieloRoto: Broken Sky.
  90. Nexo: Nexus.
  91. AbismoProfundo: Deep Abyss.
  92. Llama: Flame.
  93. HuracánSilente: Silent Hurricane.
  94. Oro: Gold.
  95. MáscaraDestino: Mask of Fate.
  96. Piedra: Stone.
  97. EcoOscuridad: Dark Echo.
  98. Velo: Veil.
  99. CoronaFría: Cold Crown.
  100. Ráfaga: Gust.
  101. LluviaAzul: Blue Rain.
  102. Espina: Thorn.
  103. EstrellaErrante: Wandering Star.
  104. Sismo: Quake.
  105. OlasDelDestino: Waves of Fate.
  106. Riel: Rail.
  107. BrisaInquebrantable: Unbreakable Breeze.
  108. Zócalo: Baseboard.
  109. CoronaDeMisterios: Crown of Mysteries.
  110. Salto: Leap.
  111. SombrasDelOcaso: Shadows of Dusk.
  112. Giro: Spin.
  113. RelojDelOlvido: Clock of Oblivion.
  114. Nexo: Link.
  115. MarDeRecuerdos: Sea of Memories.
  116. Peldaño: Step.
  117. DanzaDelVacío: Dance of the Void.
  118. Llave: Key.
  119. LuzDelAbyss: Light from the Abyss.
  120. Cruzado: Crusader.

Best Japanese Nicknames

fantasy world

Fantastic Spanish Nicknames for Gaming

It is no secret that gamers love fantastic universes and the enchanting world of magic. As this theme is quite popular among the gamers, we prepared a list of fantastic Spanish nicknames for you. Here it is!

  1. HechizoOculto: Hidden Spell.
  2. VaritaErrante: Wandering Wand.
  3. ElixirDeSueños: Elixir of Dreams.
  4. CristalMístico: Mystic Crystal.
  5. OráculoDelViento: Wind Oracle.
  6. DragónDorado: Golden Dragon.
  7. MantoEstelar: Starry Cloak.
  8. LlaveMágica: Magic Key.
  9. PiedraLunar: Moonstone.
  10. RelojEncantado: Enchanted Clock.
  11. CoronaDeBrujas: Witches’ Crown.
  12. SombrasEncantadas: Enchanted Shadows.
  13. FuegoEtereo: Ethereal Fire.
  14. SusurrosElficos: Elven Whispers.
  15. PortalSecreto: Secret Portal.
  16. RunaDelDestino: Rune of Fate.
  17. EspejoDelAbismo: Mirror of the Abyss.
  18. CalderoMisterioso: Mysterious Cauldron.
  19. GuardiánDeHechizos: Spell Guardian.
  20. SueñoArcano: Arcane Dream.
  21. AlaDelFénix: Phoenix Wing.
  22. VórticeMágico: Magic Vortex.
  23. SelloDracónico: Draconic Seal.
  24. EsenciaEtérea: Ethereal Essence.
  25. LágrimaDeNimfa: Nymph’s Tear.
  26. EspadaAstral: Astral Sword.
  27. GrimorioPerdido: Lost Grimoire.
  28. LlamaElfica: Elven Flame.
  29. CantoSirena: Siren’s Song.
  30. TormentaArcana: Arcane Storm.
  31. DagaDelOcaso: Twilight Dagger.
  32. CírculoDelVigía: Watcher’s Circle.
  33. RayoHechicero: Sorcerer’s Bolt.
  34. PiedraDelSol: Sunstone.
  35. NexoMístico: Mystic Nexus.
  36. AntorchaEncantada: Enchanted Torch.
  37. VeloDeSilfide: Sylph’s Veil.
  38. SuspiroDeBrujo: Warlock’s Sigh.
  39. CorazónDeGárgola: Gargoyle’s Heart.
  40. VinculoDeMagos: Wizards’ Bond.
  41. LuzDelOcultismo: Occult Light.
  42. SusurroDruida: Druid’s Whisper.
  43. MareaEncantada: Enchanted Tide.
  44. FuegoDelOráculo: Oracle’s Fire.
  45. AuraDeTitán: Titan’s Aura.
  46. BosqueMágico: Magic Forest.
  47. EscudoAstral: Astral Shield.
  48. VientoDeMístico: Mystic Wind.
  49. SombraDeFuego: Shadowflame.
  50. GemaDeSueños: Dream Gem.
  51. TorreDelMago: Mage’s Tower.
  52. OjoDeCíclope: Cyclops Eye.
  53. RíoDeEstrellas: Starry River.
  54. CazadorDeHechizos: Spell Hunter.
  55. BrisaDelÉter: Ether Breeze.
  56. CristalDelDragón: Dragon Crystal.
  57. EcoDeElemental: Elemental Echo.
  58. LunaHechizada: Enchanted Moon.
  59. LuzDeFénix: Phoenix Light.
  60. TierraDeNigromante: Necromancer’s Land.
  61. GuardiánDelAlba: Dawn Guardian.
  62. ManantialMístico: Mystic Spring.
  63. LlaveDelInfinito: Infinite Key.
  64. EclipseEncantado: Enchanted Eclipse.
  65. ArcoDelVigilante: Watcher’s Bow.
  66. EspírituDeSirena: Siren’s Spirit.
  67. DanzaDelOculto: Occult Dance.
  68. VozDelAbyss: Abyssal Voice.
  69. OndaArcana: Arcane Wave.
  70. DiamanteMístico: Mystic Diamond.
  71. MáscaraDeSombra: Shadow Mask.
  72. ColinaEncantada: Enchanted Hill.
  73. AlientoDeElfo: Elf’s Breath.
  74. PiedraDeNoche: Night Stone.
  75. EscamaDeSirena: Mermaid Scale.
  76. RayoDeLuna: Moonbeam.
  77. FlechaDeDestino: Arrow of Fate.
  78. GuardiánDelMístico: Mystic Guardian.
  79. FuegoDelÉter: Ether’s Fire.
  80. CorazónDelBosque: Heart of the Forest.
  81. OlaDeMagia: Magic Wave.
  82. PerlaDeNigromancia: Necromancy Pearl.
  83. LlamaradaDeSombra: Shadow Blaze.
  84. EspadaDeEcos: Sword of Echoes.
  85. RelojDelMago: Mage’s Clock.
  86. VeloDelOráculo: Oracle’s Veil.
  87. HojaDeEstrellas: Starry Blade.
  88. PuertaDelAbyss: Abyssal Door.
  89. AntorchaDelMístico: Mystic Torch.
  90. FraganciaDeHechizo: Spell’s Fragrance.
  91. BroteDeMagia: Magic Sprout.
  92. AuraDeNigromante: Necromancer’s Aura.
  93. OrbeDelMisterio: Orb of Mystery.
  94. LlamaEspectral: Spectral Flame.
  95. SelloDelGuardián: Guardian’s Seal.
  96. ArmaduraArcana: Arcane Armor.
  97. EcoDelBosque: Forest Echo.
  98. PlumaDeBruja: Witch’s Feather.
  99. RaízDelTiempo: Root of Time.
  100. PozoDeEstrellas: Well of Stars.
  101. DagaDelEclipse: Eclipse Dagger.
  102. CantoDelViento: Wind’s Song.
  103. HeraldoMístico: Mystic Herald.
  104. PasoDeTitán: Titan’s Step.
  105. MantoDelOculto: Occult Mantle.
  106. JoyaDelDesierto: Desert Jewel.
  107. FlechaMágica: Magic Arrow.
  108. CarcajDelDestino: Quiver of Fate.
  109. ReflejoDelDragón: Dragon’s Reflection.
  110. TorbellinoDeSueños: Whirlwind of Dreams.
  111. BrisaDelInfinito: Infinite Breeze.
  112. BosqueDelAbyss: Abyssal Forest.
  113. SombraDelAlba: Dawn’s Shadow.
  114. FuegoDeOráculo: Oracle’s Fire.
  115. MarDeLuz: Sea of Light.
  116. VueloDelFénix: Phoenix Flight.
  117. GemaDelDesierto: Desert Gem.
  118. LuzDelNigromante: Necromancer’s Light.
  119. EspadaDelOcaso: Dusk’s Sword.
  120. VelaDeMagia: Magic Candle.
  121. CruzDelHechicero: Sorcerer’s Cross.
  122. LaberintoDeSombras: Labyrinth of Shadows.
  123. LuzDelAbyss: Abyssal Light.
  124. CoronaDelTiempo: Crown of Time.
  125. GotaDeEternidad: Drop of Eternity.
  126. CristalDeSirena: Mermaid Crystal.
  127. HeraldoDelEclipse: Herald of the Eclipse.
  128. LlaveDeEstrellas: Key of Stars.
  129. OjoDeHechizo: Spell’s Eye.
  130. MáscaraDeLuna: Moon’s Mask.
  131. HojaDeOro: Golden Blade.
  132. SusurroDelDesierto: Desert’s Whisper.
  133. EspírituDeCristal: Crystal Spirit.
  134. GuardiánDelOro: Gold’s Guardian.
  135. PiedraDelViento: Stone of Wind.
  136. PozoDeMisterio: Well of Mystery.
  137. PulsoDeLaNoche: Night’s Pulse.
  138. CentinelaDeMagia: Magic’s Sentinel.
  139. VórticeDeSueños: Dream Vortex.
  140. RamaDeOculto: Occult Branch.
  141. LlamaDelMístico: Mystic Flame.
  142. TiempoDelGuardián: Guardian’s Time.
  143. LagunaEncantada: Enchanted Lagoon.
  144. RastroDeFénix: Phoenix Trail.
  145. PuntaDeMagia: Magic Tip.
  146. VientoDeSueños: Dream Wind.
  147. TemploDelOculto: Occult Temple.
  148. CascadaDeHechizos: Waterfall of Spells.
  149. FlorDelInfierno: Hellflower.
  150. EspiralMágica: Magic Spiral.

spanish conquistadors

Powerful Warrior Spanish Nicknames for Gaming

If you want your nickname to look absolutely demonishing, check out the Spanish nicknames below.

  1. FuerzaBrava: Fierce Strength.
  2. PulsoTitanio: Titanium Pulse.
  3. GarrasDeHierro: Iron Claws.
  4. CorazónDeAcero: Steel Heart.
  5. TormentaPoderosa: Mighty Storm.
  6. PiedraInquebrantable: Unbreakable Stone.
  7. PuñoDeRayo: Lightning Fist.
  8. LanzaImparable: Unstoppable Spear.
  9. MuroDeFortaleza: Wall of Fortress.
  10. RugidoDelLeón: Lion’s Roar.
  11. CentinelaInmortal: Immortal Sentinel.
  12. AlientoDeDragón: Dragon’s Breath.
  13. BladeDelValiente: Brave’s Blade.
  14. GuardiánDePoder: Guardian of Power.
  15. TempestadFeroz: Ferocious Tempest.
  16. EspírituDeGuerrero: Warrior’s Spirit.
  17. BrazoDeAtlas: Atlas’s Arm.
  18. PulsoDelDesierto: Desert’s Pulse.
  19. RayoImpenetrable: Impenetrable Bolt.
  20. VozDeTrueno: Voice of Thunder.
  21. EscudoDeTitanes: Titans’ Shield.
  22. ColmilloDeAcero: Steel Fang.
  23. OjoDeTigre: Tiger’s Eye.
  24. FuerzaDelOso: Bear’s Strength.
  25. CuerdaDeHércules: Hercules’s Rope.
  26. PuñoDeRoca: Rock Fist.
  27. EspadaInvencible: Invincible Sword.
  28. CorrientePoderosa: Mighty Current.
  29. GolpeDeMontaña: Mountain’s Strike.
  30. CristalDeFortaleza: Crystal of Strength.
  31. OndaDeFuerza: Wave of Force.
  32. AuroraPoderosa: Mighty Aurora.
  33. MartilloDeValhalla: Valhalla’s Hammer.
  34. LlamaDePoder: Flame of Power.
  35. VientoDeGuerra: Wind of War.
  36. CoronaDeFuerza: Crown of Strength.
  37. MantoDeProtección: Mantle of Protection.
  38. TorreInvencible: Invincible Tower.
  39. BrilloDelAcero: Steel’s Shine.
  40. BrisaDeValor: Breeze of Valor.
  41. SelloDelFuerte: Strong’s Seal.
  42. LuzDeCoraje: Light of Courage.
  43. EscamaDeBronce: Bronze Scale.
  44. EspiralDePoder: Spiral of Power.
  45. PilarDeResistencia: Pillar of Resistance.
  46. RayoDeValor: Ray of Valor.
  47. TorbellinoDeFuerza: Whirlwind of Strength.
  48. RefugioDeAcero: Steel Haven.
  49. CadenaInquebrantable: Unbreakable Chain.
  50. EcoDeFortaleza: Echo of Fortitude.
  51. MartilloTitanio: Titanium Hammer.
  52. BrazoDePlata: Silver Arm.
  53. VueloDelÁguila: Eagle’s Flight.
  54. RocaInamovible: Immovable Rock.
  55. EsfuerzoDeBulldozer: Bulldozer’s Effort.
  56. CorazónDelColoso: Colossus Heart.
  57. GarraDePantera: Panther’s Claw.
  58. LuzInvicta: Undefeated Light.
  59. CicatrizDeBatalla: Battle Scar.
  60. RugidoDeTerremoto: Earthquake’s Roar.
  61. GolpeDeMeteoro: Meteor Strike.
  62. RelámpagoRápido: Swift Lightning.
  63. PuertaDeTitanio: Titanium Gate.
  64. BrazaleteDePoder: Power Bracelet.
  65. OndaDeAcero: Steel Wave.
  66. PuntaDeLanza: Spear’s Tip.
  67. MazoDeGuerra: War Mace.
  68. PiedraDeOlympus: Olympus Stone.
  69. RelojDeFuerza: Clock of Power.
  70. EscudoDeBronce: Bronze Shield.
  71. AlmaDeLeón: Lion’s Soul.
  72. VentiscaPoderosa: Mighty Blizzard.
  73. DestelloDeFuerza: Flash of Strength.
  74. TorreDeDefensa: Defense Tower.
  75. CantoDelBravo: Song of the Brave.
  76. LlaveDeFortaleza: Key of Fortitude.
  77. SombraDeValor: Shadow of Valor.
  78. FlechaInquebrantable: Unbreakable Arrow.
  79. PuñoDeOlympus: Olympus Fist.
  80. MarDeAcero: Sea of Steel.
  81. RáfagaValiente: Brave Burst.
  82. BarreraDeTitanes: Titans’ Barrier.
  83. FuegoDeGuerrero: Warrior’s Fire.
  84. CrestaDeValor: Crest of Valor.
  85. GolpeDelDesierto: Desert’s Blow.
  86. BalaDeFuerza: Bullet of Strength.
  87. EspírituInquebrantable: Unyielding Spirit.
  88. MantoDelTitanio: Titanium Mantle.
  89. AuroraDeAcero: Steel Aurora.
  90. RelámpagoValiente: Brave Lightning.
  91. CascadaDePoder: Waterfall of Power.
  92. AlientoDeFortaleza: Breath of Fortitude.
  93. CentellaDeGuerra: War Spark.
  94. CuerdaDeAcero: Steel Rope.
  95. RastroDePoder: Trail of Power.
  96. TempestadValiente: Brave Tempest.
  97. RaízDeFuerza: Root of Strength.
  98. AuroraBrava: Fierce Dawn.
  99. DienteDeDragon: Dragon’s Tooth.
  100. VeloDeValor: Veil of Valor.
  101. MontañaFirme: Firm Mountain.
  102. LlamaradaFeroz: Fierce Blaze.
  103. CieloDeAcero: Steel Sky.
  104. ResplandorDelHeroe: Hero’s Glow.
  105. PasoDelGigante: Giant’s Step.
  106. VórticeDeFuerza: Vortex of Strength.
  107. CorazónDeObsidiana: Obsidian Heart.
  108. TornadoValiente: Brave Tornado.
  109. MiradaDeAcero: Steel Gaze.
  110. HojaIndomable: Indomitable Blade.
  111. OndaTitanica: Titanic Wave.
  112. VientoInquebrantable: Unbreakable Wind.
  113. SableDePoder: Saber of Power.
  114. LuzDeConquista: Light of Conquest.
  115. TorreónDeFuerza: Stronghold of Strength.
  116. GuardiánDelValor: Guardian of Valor.
  117. TempestadDeAcero: Steel Tempest.
  118. RefugioDelBravo: Refuge of the Brave.
  119. BrisaDeTitanio: Titanium Breeze.
  120. RelámpagoFirme: Firm Lightning.
  121. CristalDeConquista: Crystal of Conquest.
  122. PuertaDePoder: Gate of Power.
  123. RayoIndomito: Untamed Ray.
  124. HeraldoDeValor: Herald of Valor.
  125. FuegoDeFortaleza: Fire of Fortitude.
  126. MazoValeroso: Valiant Mace.
  127. CorrienteDelBravo: Current of the Brave.
  128. GolpeDelColoso: Colossus’s Blow.
  129. MantoDeAcero: Mantle of Steel.
  130. CorazónDeRoca: Rock Heart.

That was all the Spanish nicknames from us! We hope you can find a nickname suitable for you in our list.

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